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Gluten Free Corn Tortillas Released By Old El Paso

Old El Paso have finally caught up on the gluten free and have released gluten free corn tortillas, currently available in Sainsburys.

Added 15th April 2017
Updated 10th November 2020

Gluten Free Corn Tortillas Released By Old El Paso
This week Old El Paso have released a gluten free product into Sainsburys stores in the UK, we're sure these are a product that many people are going to love, gluten free white Mexican corn tortillas.

There are already plenty of wraps on the market however these claim to be authentic corn tortillas and they are not found on the free from aisle so don't go rushing to there, head to the Mexican section of your Sainsburys they are with all the regular taco products and are being sold for £1.90 for 10. They are mini tortillas though so we think you'd need to eat at least a couple at a time.

Apparently these have already been floating around in Spain for a while and have finally made it across the water to us. As far as we are aware this is the first certified gluten free product Old El Paso have released here however many of there sauces, dips and relishes are deemed as safe by Coeliac UK. This is the first tortilla type product that has been made safe for Coeliacs by them though, their tortillas have all in the past contained wheat or, in the case of taco shells, been at risk of contamination.

This is a good step forward for Old El Paso, they have kits under the same Mexican Street Market label but these contain wheat (beware as the boxes are the same colour as these tortillas), hopefully they will start doing full gluten free kits along with these wraps!

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