Gluten Free Cooking Courses

Gluten Free Cooking Courses

Fancy your hand at a gluten free cooking course? Take advantage of a discounted one in Essex this september.

Posted On: 14th July 2015
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As Coeliac awareness has grown and people have learnt more about gluten intolerances, more and more cookery courses have started popping up, mostly through local support groups, Juvela often set up cookery classes around the country, or local colleges with evening classes. Wherever they are taking place, there is no doubt that there has become a demand for them, as processed food prices climb up and hit all time highs regarding their sugar levels people have taken to cooking their own meals from scratch where they know exactly what is going into their food and can cook it for a fraction of the price supermarkets charge for it ready made.

Here at Coeliac Sanctuary we have a range of recipes that we hope people like trying to make, but cooking and baking itself doesn't come naturally to everyone, leading many people to take up the challenge of attending cookery courses specifically targetted at gluten free food.

We know of a fair few courses going on around the county, having looked at some ourselves, we might be able to cook but we still wouldn't mind advancing our skills, but the best place to go to learn is always a proper cooking school. Although the likes of Groupon may hold special deals for cooking courses they aren't always trustworthy, we've been told a few times about some bread courses where the chefs baking has been far from satisfactory never mind the students attempts!

The lovely people over at The Cookery School at Braxted in Witham, Essex have two excellent courses going on in September where you can learn to bake gluten free bread and perfect gluten free pastry (something that isn't easy and took us a long time to master!). Whatsmore they have been kind enough to give Coeliac Sanctuary readers 10% off the £145 course prices. To receive the discount of the courses simply use code GLUTEN10 when you book a place on either course. Here are the details of the courses.

Gluten Free Bread Course - 23rd September 2015
An entire day devoted to the mystery of making your own gluten free bread. Adriana Rabinovich, an expert in gluten free baking, has designed this course to help you achieve fantastic results when making gluten free bread. This comprehensive hands on workshop will include demonstrations on making an everyday gluten free loaf with lots of tips and techniques to inspire you to make your own distinctive loaves at home. You will also make pizza, delicious flat breads, Mexican wraps and crispy breadsticks and a luxurious gluten free brioche. This course is suitable for all levels.

Gluten Free Pastry Course - 24th September 2015
This new cookery course is a full day devoted to the art of gluten free pasty making. Adriana Rabinovich, an expert in gluten free baking will unravel all those pastry myths and demons one by one. By the end of the day you will not only be making perfect gluten free short crust pastry every time, you will have expanded your gluten free pastry repertoire to include: choux pastry, pate sucree, chocolate pastry and hot water pastry. This course is suitable for all levels.

These courses may be a little more expensive than those on Groupon but they are well worth the price, neither item are easy to perfect and the school is run by award winning chefs who know what they are doing. Both of these courses are run by expert chef Adriana Rabinovich, who runs and has a few books for sale on Amazon so you are sure to be in good hands!

Of course these courses aren't to everyone's taste, and there is nothing wrong with learning at home like we did, we have plenty of recipes to help you along in our recipe section and if you need any help or advice you are always free to contact us!

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