Gluten Free Christmas at Asda, Tesco and Sainbsurys

Gluten Free Christmas at Asda, Tesco and Sainbsurys

Three of the four major supermarkets have their gluten free Christmas ranges in store, one is fairly mediocre, one is similar to last year but a few new products and the other has a fair few new and interesting festive free from products in. Take a look below.
It's October, forget about Halloween, all the Christmas stuff is in the supermarkets! In the case of Sainsburys, the Christmas free from products have been in since September! The only supermarket that doesn't seem to have their gluten free Christmas ranges in store yet is Morrisons (not sure about Waitrose),they are lagging behind (nothing new)! Marks and Spencer do have their gluten free in too, but not really going to mention them as it is the very basic Christmas cake, mince pies and Christmas pudding.

Tesco started getting there range in some stores two weeks ago but in my local store they have only just hit, so if they aren't in your store yet they soon will be, and Asda got all there stuff in this week too although Roddy the Reindeer has been lingering on the shelves for a week longer.

So what do the three major supermarkets have in store for us this year? To be honest, Sainsburys seem to have the same basic range and Tesco are similar to last year with the odd change, but Asda have some the same as last year but probably have more new and different stuff from the other two. So lets have a look at what these giants have rolled in for us gluten free people this Christmas.

So Asda, this year they have quite a nice range, some is the same as last year but there is also a lot of new and different things in there including different shortbreads, crackers and tiffin. Sometimes other stores do get a few other products than my local but this should be the majority that is on offer.

Amaretto, Apricot and Almond Shortbread £1.80
Blue Cheese Crackers £1.99
Chocolate Log Slices £2
Christmas Pudding £3
Dark Chocolate Cranberry and Orange Tiffins £2.30
Ginger Tiffin Slices £2.75
Iced Christmas Cake £3
Iced Mince Pies £1.75
Luxury Christmas Pudding (no price tag sorry)
Mince Pies £1.55
Mini Christmas Cupcakes £3
Raspberry and White Chocolate Loaf Cake £3.50
Rhubarb and Ginger Shortbread £1.80
Roddy the Reindeer Cake £6.50
Salt and Black Pepper Crackers £1.99
Yule Log £4.50

Some really lovely sounding stuff in there and to be fair, not the worst price for when it comes to gluten free ranges. There is a nice selection to have some good treats at Christmas.

I remember when I was first diagnosed Coeliac 5 years ago and Sainsburys had the best gluten free range, these days they seem to be same old, same old, and same goes for Christmas. The range seems pretty basic to me, there is the odd different thing but nothing I would personally go running to find.

Choc, Cherry and Amaretto Cookies £1.80
Chocolate Santas (Dairy Free) £1
Chocolate Sponge Pudding £1.55
Christmas Pudding £4
Cookie and Shortbread Selection £4.50
Cranberry and Orange Mince Pies £2
Iced Fruit Cake £2.50
Iced Fruit Cake Bites £2.50
Mince Pies £1.50
Mini Chocolate Logs £2.50
Mini Christmas Pudding £2
Moo Free Selection Box £4.75
Nutrifree Chocolate Chip Panettone £7.50

Pretty basic range, honestly I think the only thing worth going for is the Panettone which is popular every year, other than that, nothing impressive.

Finally Tesco, they have stuck to a lot of the same products as last year though a few have come back with modifications, for example last year the snowman shortbread was gingerbread. Still some nice things in there though.

Belgian Chocolate Shortbread Snowmen £2.50
Caramelised Apple Crumble Pies £1.75
Christmas Pudding £3.75
Cookie Selection £3.50
Enrobed Cookies and Cream £2
Enrobed Orange Cookies and Cream £2
Finest Christmas Pudding (Mini) £1.50
Fruit Cake Slab £2.75
Maple Bacon Tortilla Curls £1
Mince Pies £1.50
Mini Cheese Crackers £3
Moo Free Hazelnut Truffles £5
Nairns Savoury Biscuit Selection £3.75
Panettone (Mini) £3
Truffle Selection £5

A few new bits in there but the only ones that really stand out for me are the chocolate coated cookies and cream (which I think should be a permanent thing) and the apple crumble pies.

This won't be the last we see of Christmas products I'm sure, in the next few weeks no doubt frozen and chilled products will come in and Morrisons will no doubt get there gluten free Christmas range too, which if it is anything like the last two year, will be fairly mediocre, it has a lot of work to beat Asda I think, who in my opinion are the ones in the lead this year.

What are your favourite Christmas products so far this year? What would you love to see a supermarket do gluten free at Christmas? Let us know!

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I can't find gf bread sauce this year and my local shops gf range is shrinking rapidly

Claire - 21st December 2019
Alison @ Coeliac Sanctuary replied to this comment on 22nd December 2019

Tesco own brand is gluten free as standard this year. Marks and Spencer also have a free from one in the fridge.

Aldi also have mince pies, had them 2 years now, very nice.

Sue - 11th January 2020

Always seems to me there is a deficit of savoury things. (Actually, we find this in cafes too - they'll nearly always have at least one gluten free cakes, but that's it.) Personally not a huge fan of sweet things, but none of the supermarkets has anything much savoury in their GF ranges, other than the occasional packet of crispbreads. Oh well, back to making my own cheese straws and cheese scones then!

Sheila Robson - 14th October 2020

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