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Gluten Free Chocolate Advent Calendars

It's not December unless you have an advent calendar. Ok, it's only November but you need to get your advent calendars in early! We have a list of ones that are gluten free for Christmas 2018, there isn't a huge variety but there are some nice ones out there.

Added 1st November 2018

Gluten Free Chocolate Advent Calendars
In the 1800's the first advent calendar was recorded in Hamburg, done in the way of candles as a way of counting down the days from 1st December until Christmas. As time went by, like everything, advent calendars evolved, in the early 1900's in Germany Gerhand Lang's month made a calendar counting down the days by sticking sweets to cardboard. In 1908 as an adult he created the first paper one with a printed picture behind a door.

The first Chocolate advent calendar was recorded in 1958, probably as an attempt to keep kids interested in the popular tradition, though paper picture versions are still available even today.

Once more advent calendars are evolving and chocolate advent calendars are beginning to lose steam with more expensive but less calorific options taking over, I mean have you see all the beauty product, perfume, Lego and sock advent calendars that are around these days?

Though despite them losing steam there are still chocolate advent calendars available, however, so many this year have may contain gluten warnings or do contain gluten, even many of the poplar normal chocolate bars which are gluten free, in advent calendar form aren't safe.

Be sure to check even the popular favourites with the amount of may contains out there and also manufacturers that are adding more extravagant special chocolates or sweets to the calendar which contain wheat (for example Haribo ones aren't safe this year, they contain wheat)

There are still some good options out there though but you are limited, a couple of dairy free one are also in shops, the following advent calendars are gluten free.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Advent Calendar
Candy Kittens Less Sprouts More Sweets Advent Calendar (Dairy Free)
Fairtrade Real Chocolate Advent Calendar
Galaxy Advent Calendar
Quality Street Advent Calendar
Kinnerton My Little Pony Advent Calendar
Kinnerton P J Masks Advent Calendar
Kinnerton Paw Patrol Advent Calendar
Kinnerton Peppa Pig Advent Calendar
Kinnerton Pokemon Advent Calendar
Kinnerton Stormtrooper Advent Calendar
Kinnerton Transformers Advent Calendar
Milkybar Advent Calendar
Moo Free Advent Calendar (Dairy Free)
Montezumas Dark Chocolate Advent Calendar
Montezumas Milk Chocolate Advent Calendar
Tesco Countdown To Christmas Advent Calendar
Thorntons Classic Advent Calendar
Thorntons Continental Advent Calendar
Thorntons Snowman
Swizzels Advent Calendar (Dairy Free)

Please be sure to check all your advent calendars and Christmas chocolates this year to make sure they are safe!

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