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Gluten Free Bread Available At Subway: But How Good Are They?

It's taken long enough but Subway UK have finally introduced gluten free bread into their stores, albeit not all stores. However, Subway is a minefield for cross contamination so how good are they exactly are dealing with Coeliacs and not just "fad dieters"

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Gluten Free Bread Available At Subway: But How Good Are They?
So, Subway have started doing gluten free bread! Yay! About time! I was going to blog about this revelation when it happened, but I though "no, let's wait and see what people think". So I've waited and to be honest I have been pleasantly surprised by the reactions.

When I heard they were doing gluten free, I did go "Nope, not a chance, cross contamination NIGHTMARE", I haven't set foot in Subway for years, the crumbs on the counter give me the heebie jeebies, however it seems most branches have a procedure in place to prevent contamination.

So, from my understanding of the hundreds of tweets, Facebook posts and messages I have had the majority of stores have a nice solid procedure to follow. The bread is kept frozen away from other bread and warmed in the oven when needed in the packaging, gloves are changed before handling the bread, the side is wiped down and a separate board is used for preparation.

From what I know the majority of stores are using fresh ingredients rather than the ones lose behind the bread prep area which has no doubt been showered in crumbs, however this is one to be aware of and the one stores seem to be missing the most, so do get them to use fresh ingredients. As far as I know when toasting they are using something to avoid the subs going on top of crumbs but I would double check that, that industrial toaster is the second bit I would be most concerned about with contamination.

For the most part everything I have seen has been positive I have had the odd comment where stores haven't used the separate board though or only changed gloves, so do talk to your local branch and make sure they follow procedure, we all know gluten can sneak in very easily.

Overall comments have been very positive, some people have said the bread isn't the best which isn't surprising really (it seems to be rare we do get a decent bread), however others have said it's ok, so I guess it is down to personal taste! Also be sure to check your branch is actually doing the bread, not all stores are, it seems to be in most but some people have been left disappointed as there store isn't doing it, beware the gluten free bread isn't advertised either so unless you ask you won't actually know if they do it.

Let us know what you think of the subs if you have had one yet!

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