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Five Fabulous Free From Christmas Products

This Christmas is shaping up to be a good one when it comes to gluten free, there are so many products out we don't usually see gluten free. These are just five of my favourites that are available for the festive season.

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Five Fabulous Free From Christmas Products
New free from products always come in for Christmas, this year the majority of the major supermarkets have released some items that as Coeliacs we never get to eat. Here are five gluten free products we think you really need to try this Christmas. It is almost guaranteed they will disappear after Christmas so best cram in as much of them as you can before they vanish from shelves for another year!

Tesco Free From Mozzarella Sticks
This year, in the fridge, Tesco have in Gluten Free mozzarella sticks, perfect for quick finger food, the coating is made with a gluten free crumb unlike in some other supermarkets. If you are one of many who are allergic to tomatoes though, these are no good for you as they have a tomato and herb centre. According to Tesco online though they are only available until 31st December so one that's definitely not in to stay!

Asda Free From Ginger Bread House
For the last few years I have seen many people ask if its possible to get a gluten free ginger bread house, and it wasn't until this year. This year Asda have a kit in which contains gingerbread mix, icing sugar and sprinkles, all you have to do it make up and bake the gingerbread, make up the royal icing, stick it together and decorate. Easy enough in essence, all the instructions are on the packet, even the template is printed in the box...pity you have to cut through the instructions to cut the template out though!

At £4.50 it is slightly on the expensive side but nice to make with the kids and share with the whole family. We found it easy to make up but we had slight issues with the decorating! Definitely worth the money just for the fun of making it. Even if the decorating doesn't go to plan!

Salted Caramel Shortbread
There is actually two places selling these, Morrisons and Asda. We tried the Morrisons ones back in August as they were being developed but when they were released in November we discovered Morrisons weren't the only ones doing them. Whether they are made by the same manufacturer we don't know but they certainly both taste very similar.

For gluten free shortbread it is almost like normal and the salted caramel flavour is just amazing, we actually wish they could sell these all the time and not just for Christmas. The biscuits are so crumbly and like proper shortbread all the non Coeliacs won't even realise they are gluten free if you have enough willpower to share them and not eat them all.

Asda Red Velvet Cake
Despite red velvet cake being one of the most popular cakes this is the first time a gluten free one has been on the supermarket shelves, and typically it is only in for Christmas. We think Asda have hit on something with this one, it could be one of those products that ends up being a permanent feature it is so good.

It is only sold in a loaf cake size which serves about 8-10 but it is so incredibly moist and tasty, and the topping is the prefect mix of cream cheese and sweetness, it just all works so well. Please Asda, if you keep anything from the Christmas free from range please keep this!

Morrisons Herb Crusted Lamb
This is available off the butchers, we got to try it back in August when they were finishing up the Christmas developments, and we loved it. The herb crust is made with gluten free breadcrumbs, herbs and lemon and adds a delicious flavour to the lamb, certainly makes an excellent change to turkey or great for boxing day.

As mentioned this is available fresh off the butcher part in Morrisons, we're not sure if it is in all stores but it should be in the majority of them.

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