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Doves Farm Free From Range 'Freee' Rebranding

Doves Farm gluten free flour seemed to go missing from shelves with some supermarkets claiming it was discontinued, now it is back with a new look and rebranding of "Freee" from Doves Farm.

Added 8th June 2017
Updated 10th November 2020

Doves Farm Free From Range 'Freee' Rebranding
You may have noticed last month it got difficult to get Doves Farm gluten free flours in some supermarkets. We heard all sorts of stories from supermarkets including "we are discontinuing Doves Farm flour", this supermarket introduced their own brand of flour into more stores but a lot also kept the Doves Farm flour so that wasn't entirely true (we're looking at you Sainsburys for this one).

However Doves Farm flours are not disappearing, despite such claims, they have however had a rebrand when it comes to their free from range, which is probably why they were hard to get for a while. Old stock was more than likely being reduced down to make way for the new branding of Freee (more info is on their website).

Doves Farm have been going a long time now, since 1978. They don't only do gluten free but also regular flours however in the Coeliac world they are well known. Gluten free flours are produced in their own dedicated facilities by separate staff to the none gluten free flours.

They have always operated under the name Doves Farm and have now had a slight rebranding on the free from side by renaming this part to Freee and having a brand new, fresh logo which makes it easier to spot on the shelves. According to the company the name and logo represent "the feeling of freedom to choose natural food without worrying about allergens". This new branding gives a fresh new look to a popular, much loved brand.

There are no less thatn 65 products in Doves Farm Free range, two of which are brand new products; White Bread Mix and Pizza Base Mix.

A full list of gluten free products is on their website but their range includes loads of baking essentials, pastas, cereal, flapjacks and biscuits. Many of the items cannot be found in supermarkets but tend to be found hidden in farm shops, but of course they are all available online on Doves Farm website.

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