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Coeliac Awareness Week New Products and Supermarket Offers

Coeliac Awareness Week New Products and Supermarket Offers

Every Coeliac Awareness Week there is always offers on and this year is no exception, there are loads of products on offer in the supermarkets, some supermarkets have better offers than others, and Aldi have there usual gluten free special buys in just for Coeliac Awareness Week.
Coeliac Awareness Week is upon us once again and as usual the supermarkets have got offers on, Aldi have a whole array of products in on their special buys and I've no doubt that some new products will start popping up this week too.

But what exactly can you get this Coeliac Awareness Week on offer, lets take a look through the supermarkets.

Bfree pitta bread in Aldi
Bfree pitta bread in Aldi
As usual Aldi have got their gluten free special buys for Coeliac Awareness Week, they have done this every time for years, it would be nice if they had a range all the time, us Coeliacs aren't gluten free for just a week of the year you know! But, nevertheless, they do have a good range in, some are familiar that are there every year but others are some definite new to Aldi products.

BFree Gluten Free Pitta Breads (£2.25)
BFree Gluten Free Wraps (£2.99)
Betty Crocker Gluten Free Devils Food Cake Mix (£1.99)
Cucina Free From Pesto (£1.25)
Eat Real Lentil/Hummus Chips (99p)
Free From Mayo/Garlic Mayo (£1.29)
Genius Muffins (Blueberry and chocolate flavours) (£1.99)
Gluten Free Cookies (£1.39)
Ilumi Noodle Pots (99p)
Free from mayo in Aldi (egg free too)
Free from mayo in Aldi (egg free too)
Kelloggs Fruit Winders (£1.49)
Lees Snowballs (99p)
Nairns Crackers (£1.39)
Nestle Gluten Free Cornflakes (£2.09)
Nestle Gluten Free Honey Flakes (£2.15)
Old El Paso Gluten Free Fajita Kit (£2.99)
Organic Spaghettis Edamame/Black bean/Soy bean (£1.99)
Pop Out Crisps (99p)
Tilda Caribbean Rice Packets (85p)

Honestly, I think some of the products are a little more expensive than usual, really only on par with Asda in terms of price, but hey it's good they have a selection in.

Asda have got roll backs on some of their products and they have just added Schar Gluten Free Jaffa Cakes to their range. These are the products that have been rolled back.

Amys Kitchen Gluten Free Beans and Cheese Burrito £1.50 (was £2)
Amys Kitchen Gluten Free Broccoli and Cheddar Bake £2.69 (was £3.69)
Amys Kitchen Gluten Free Mac and Cheese £1.80 (was £2.20)
Amys Kitchen Gluten Free Pad Thai £2.69 (was £3.69)
Amys Kitchen Gluten Free Vegetable Lasagne £2.00 (was £2.40)
Asda Gluten Free Pizza Kit £1.50 (was £1.99)
Genius Gluten Free Breakfast Bakes £1 (was £2)
Genius Gluten Free Sausage Rolls £1.75 (was £2.20)
Gu Free From Chocolate and Vanilla Cheesecakes £2.00 (was £3.50)
Gu Gluten Free Spanish Lemon Cheesecakes £2.00 (was £3.50)
Kallo Original Rice Cakes £1 (was £1.29)
Kikkoman Tamari Gluten Free Soy Sauce £2.00 (was £2.79)
La Gnoccheria Gluten Free Gnocchi £1.40 (was £1.65)
Mrs Crimbles Chocolate Macaroons £1 (was £1.19)
Nakd 3 Bar Packs £1.50 (was £1.80)
Nestle Gluten Free Cornflakes £2.50 (was £2.17)
Nestle Gluten Free Honey Cornflakes £1.50 (was £2.17)
Peroni Gluten Free £8.00 (was £9)
Schar Gluten Free Chocolate Nobbles £1 (was £1.50)
Schar Gluten Free Custard Creams £1 (was £1.40)
Schar Gluten Free Rich Tea Biscuits £1 (was £1.40)

If I am honest, I think Asda could have done a little more but certainly better than nothing.

Like Asda, Morrisons have reductions on a lot of their products. These are the items that are on offer this week.

Amy's Kitchen Soup Cans £1.47 (was £1.63)
Brewdog Vagabond Beer 4 for £6
Fabulous Free From Factory Dairy Free Raspberry Bites £1.36 (was £1.50)
Flora Freedom Dairy Free Spread £1.55 (was £2)
Free and Easy Vegetable Hotpot/Balti Can 2 for £3
Genius Bakes £1.75 (was £2)
Genius Gluten Free Pancakes £1.70 (was £1.93)
Genius Gluten Free Pasta £1 (was £1.60)
Kikkoman Tamari Gluten Free Soy Sauce £2 (was £2.50)
Morrisons Free From Cake Slices 2 for £3
Morrisons Free From Muffins/Cupcakes 2 for £3
Morrisons Free From Pizza Dough Mix £1.20 (was £1.60)
Nine Bar 4 packs £1.90 (was £2.50)
Old El Paso Gluten Free Fajita Kit £3.75 (was £4.50)
Perkier Bars 3 Packs £1.50 (was £2)
Prewetts Chocoful Gluten Free Bars £1.25 (was £1.86)
Prewetts Savouries £1.50 (was £2)
Sacla Free From Pesto £2 (was £2.50)
Schar Gluten Free Mini C Cheese Bites £1.75 (was £2)
Schar Gluten Free Seeded Loaf £2 (was £2.45)
Schar Tempties £2.12 (was £2.50)
Schwartz Gluten Free Spice Packets 3 for £3
Vitalite Dairy Free 97p (was £1.20)
Warburtons Gluten Free Wraps £2.30 (was £2.50)

Morrisons also have a few new products come in, though only one item is completely new. Sweet Freedom Chocolate Spread has hit the shelves, this has been in other supermarkets a long time and Free and Easy Carrot Cake Mix has also come to go alongside a couple of their other cake mixes already on sale in Morrisons. The brand new product is Nairns Pop Oats, light and crispy popped oat snack packets, an alternative to crisps or popped corn/rice snacks, these are on sale for 80p a bag.

Like the other supermarkets Sainsburys have offers on this week, honestly I don't think there's anything fantastic, not really much money off but they still have offers on nonetheless.

Amys Kitchen Gluten Free Burrito £1.50 (was £2)
Amys Kitchen Gluten Free Broccoli and Cheddar Bake £3 (was £3.50)
Amys Kitchen Gluten Free Chinese Noodles and Veggies £3 (was £3.50)
Amys Kitchen Gluten Free Mac and Cheese £2 (was £2.50)
Amys Kitchen Gluten Free Thai Red Curry £3 (was £3.50)
Amys Kitchen Gluten Free Vegetable Lasagne £2 (was £2.40)
Deliciously Ella Granola £3 (was £4)
Eat Natural Bars 55p (was 75p)
Free'ist Sugar and Gluten Free Sweets £1 (was £1.30)
Free'ist Marshmallows £1 (was £1.30)
Genius Gluten Free Crumpets £1.50 (was £1.50)
Genius Gluten Free Pitta Breads £1.50 (was £2)
Genius Gluten Free Rolls £1.50 (was £2)
Genius Gluten Free Vegetable Quiches £2 (was £2.85)
Genius Gluten Free Wraps £2 (was £2.50)
Nairns Biscuits Breaks £1.50 (was £1.75)
Nairns Oatcakes £1.50 (was £1.75)
Sainsburys Free From Flapjack Slices £1.75 (was £2)
Sainsburys Free From Muesli £2.25 (was £2.50)
Sainsburys Free From Oats £1.80 (was £2)
Schar Ciabattas £1.75 (was £2)
Schar Crispbreads £1 (was £1.50)
Schar Loaves £1.75 (was £2.50)

Tesco are doing their ever faithful 3 for 2 on all their own brand free from products, good if you want to stock up on their products, at least it saves you a little money as long as you like their own brand offerings!

Again we have more offers on but from all the supermarkets they do seem to have the better offers on in terms of price. They have also added a new free from Sandwich to their grab and go range, a Prawn Cocktail sandwich, which currently has an introductory price of £3.50 (so we dread to think what the price will be when it goes to full price!)

Difatti Gluten Free Gnocchi 3 for £5
Eat Natural Bar Packs £1.50 (was £2.05)
Eat Natural Buckwheat Muesli £2 (was £3.10)
Ella Energy Balls Buy 1 Get 1 Half Price
Kirstys Gluten Free Ready Meals 2 for £5
Nairns Crackers £1.50 (was £1.60)
Nakd Bars Buy 1 Get 1 Half Price
Natures Path Granola £2.28 (was £3.05)
Natures Path Mesa Sunrise/Maple Sunrise £2.32 (was £3.10)
Peroni Gluten Free £5.50 (was £6.50)
Pieminister Gluten Free Pies £3.50 (was £4.50)
Quaker Gluten Free Oats 2 for £4
Sacla Free From Pesto £1.95 (was £2.60)
Schar Gluten Free Loaf £2 (was £2.65)
Schar Gluten Free Pizza £2.50 (was £3.25)
Trek Bars Buy 1 Get 1 Half Price
Waitrose Gluten Free Cod Fish Cakes 2 for £5
Waitrose Gluten Free Rolls £2 (was £2.50)
Waitrose Gluten Free Sandwich Thins £1.60 (was £2)

So lots of offers this week! Some supermarkets have better offers than others though. There is a distinct lack of of new products this year, Coeliac Awareness Week usually sees an abundance of new products hit the shelves but this year so far there has been very few, hopefully this changes soon!

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