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Christmas at Marks and Spencer

Christmas is a busy time of year but Marks and Spencer can make it a little easier with their Food To Order which has a fab range of gluten free options available as well has having some lovely traditional treats on the shelves.

Added 25th October 2018
Updated 13th December 2020

Christmas at Marks and Spencer
Marks and Spencer have always been fab at Christmas, I always wait eagerly to see what buffet goodies they haven't arrived in store for me to check out yet however there is other Christmas stuff going on in this particular high street favourite.

On the Christmas shelves you can already find their ever popular Christmas favourites:

Turkey Feast Prepacked Sandwich (in the fridge)
6 Months Matured Christmas Pudding
Golden Stag Christmas Cake
Dairy Free Chocolate Selection
Mince Pies

Nothing particularly different unlike some of the bigger supermarkets but the popular classics are all there and if they are anything like last year they won't fail to impress this time round.

The shelf favourites aren't the only thing Marks offer though, if you want to make your Christmas a little bit easier did you know Marks and Spencer do a Christmas Food To Order, you basically order what you need, pick it up and cook it. If you are short on time or can't be bothered trailing round the supermarkets trying to find products for Christmas dinner this could be a great solution for taking a little bit of the stress out of the festive season. You can pick up the booklet for food to order in store or it is all online too.

Honestly, I wasn't expecting there to be a lot of gluten free options but I was pleasantly surprised there are lots of options of mains and not too badly priced, more expensive than some places but certainly on par with the normal products in Marks and Spencer

All the following items are labelled as being gluten free:

Turkey with Pork, Chestnut, Bacon and Thyme Stuffing 6-8 serving £50
Turkey Crown with Pork, Sage and Onion Stuffing 6-8 serving £32.50 - £40.50 / 8-10 serving £40.50 - £48.60 / 10-12 serving £48.60 - £56.70 / 12-14 serving £56.70 - £64.80
Turkey Crown with Pork, Chestnut, Bacon and Thyme Stuffing 6-8 servings £28.80 - £36.80 / 8-10 serving £36.80 -£43.20 /10-12 serving £43.20 - £49.60 / 12-14 serving £49.60 - £57.60
Boneless Turkey Breast with Pork, Sage and Onion Stuffing 8-10 serving £28
Turkey Breast Parcel 6-8 serving £25
Garnish Selection 8 servings (cocktail sausages and stuffing balls) £10
Posh Poultry Gravy 6 servings £4
Posh Beef Gravy 6 servings £4
Luxury Garnish Selection 6 servings (pigs in blankets and stuffing balls topped with cranberries) £10
Three Bird Roast with Turkey, Chicken and Duck 4-6 servings £35
Four Bird Roast with Turkey, Duck, Chicken and Pheasant 10-12 servings £75
Three Game Roast with Pheasant, Partridge and Pigeon 4-6 servings £40
Goose with Pork and Milled Spiced Pear Stuffing 10-12 servings £75
Pheasant with Pork and Cranberry Stuffing 2 servings £15
Duck Roulade with Pork and Plum Stuffing 4 servings £25
Partridge with Pork, Pear and Sage Stuffing 2 servings £15
Sirloin of Beef with Shallot Stuffing 6 servings £43.96 - £56.52
Rump of Beef with Horseradish 6 servings £20
Venison Joint with Plum and Sloe Gin Stuffing 6 servings £20 - £21.50
Lamb Guard of Honour 4 servings £18
Luxury Seafood Platter 6-8 servings £100
Prawn Cocktail 8-10 servings £15
Smoked Salmon and King Prawn Platter 8 servings £30
Dressed Lobster 4 servings £40
Luxury Seafood Platter 4 servings £50
Luxury Prawn Platter 6 servings £25
King Prawn and Smoked Salmon Appetisers 6 servings £15
Crab and Avocado Spheres 4 servings £12
Salmon Terrine 8 servings £15
Gluten Free New York Cheesecake 6 servings £6

There is LOADS of options for you main meat feast in there and also starters. OK, dessert is a little sparse but at least there is an option! All those above are labelled with the cross grain symbol.

I didn't fail to notice all the things labelled gluten free don't include sides such as vegetables so I dug and found a lot of the sides do not contain gluten but also do not bare the cross grain logo, which in all fairness I wouldn't expect veg to carry the cross grain logo, why should they? I have looked at the product info for all the following sides and there is no gluten ingredients and no may contain (and if Marks and Spencer are good at one thing, it is labelling may contains).

Vegetable Selection 4 servings £15
Potato Gratin Dauphinois 6 serving £8
Red Cabbage 8 servings £7
Sweet Potato Salad 8 servings £12.50

There is also a couple more desserts with no gluten or may contain warning but not carrying the cross grain logo

Chocolate Pine Cones 6 servings £13
Raspberry and Prosecco Panna Cotta Terrine 10 servings £15

So on the Marks Food To Order you can certainly provide a full Coeliac friendly meal, for me I'll be prepping myself but if you want to take some of the preparations out of the equation Marks Food To Good is certainly a good option.

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