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B&M Gluten Free Lines

B and M have got in some fabulous gluten free bargains from some popular names to some cheaper products. Gullon biscuits are the best and so cheap!

Added 29th January 2018
Updated 13th December 2020

B&M Gluten Free Lines
Gluten free is known to be expensive although over recent years the supermarkets have started bringing it down in price slightly. As it becomes a more necessary part our shopping the more the cost tends to reduce, high demand less price.

However gluten free isn't as in demand as some other foods so has always remained higher than everyday foods. It's always a big plus when it hits the cheaper stores.

Over the last year or so we have seen bits of gluten free go into the cheaper bargain shops, with Home Bargains often getting end of line items in and Aldi frequently running special buys including different gluten free products.

This week or so B&M bargains have been getting in some gluten free goodies and they seem to be becoming a permanent range, not a one off.

Now, I did go my local store which is smaller than a lot and didn't find anything gluten free however the slightly bigger one in a neighbouring town had loads of it, while people have been mentioning the lines appearing all over the country, it may be worth noting the smaller branches may not have it in. It might have just not rolled in in my branch last week but just before you run out to check your branch just keep in mind some smaller ones might not be stocking them.

At the moment they seem to have a range of "essentials", for lack of a better term, this is what we found in our neighbouring towns store yesterday:-

Nairns Wholegrain Gluten Free Crackers 99p

Nairns Cracked Black Pepper Gluten Free Crackers 99p
Nairns Oatcakes 99p
Nairns Cheese Oatcakes 99p
Whole Earth Crunchy Peanut Butter No Added Sugar (I've included this as it is often seen with free from ranges especially in Aldi) £1.89
Gullon Gluten Free Digestives 99p
Gullon Gluten Free Cookies 99p
Gullon Gluten Free Rice Cakes 99p
Peckish Cheese Rice Crackers 49p
Cheese/Sweet Chilli Rice Cakes 59p
Kallo Chocolate Rice Cakes 99p
Mrs Crimbles Macaroons 99p
Gluten Free Fusilli Pasta 89p
Gluten Free Spaghetti 89p

Please beware there are a few lines that are only WHEAT free not GLUTEN free so make sure you check the labels thoroughly before you buy. The ones we have listed above are the ones we have seen that are gluten free.

We have also heard on the grapevine that a few stores have told customers they are also getting gluten free bread in stock, but that's as much as I know on that, what brand or when I don't know. Fingers crossed this isn't just a rumour as hopefully it will be a cheaper loaf on the high street.

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