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Asda Free From New Ready Meals and Desserts 2018

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Asda Free From New Ready Meals and Desserts 2018

Asda Free From Gluten Free Beef Cobbler
Asda Free From Gluten Free Beef Cobbler
In the last week or so Asda have released some new free from products in the chiller, introducing a range of ready meals and some delicious chilled desserts.

The ready meals are nothing we haven't seen before, both Marks and Spencer and Tesco do, or have done, similar ones in the past. The new ready meals in Asda are:

Spaghetti Carbonara
Macaroni Cheese
Beef Cobbler
Chicken Arabiatta
Beef Lasagne
Spaghetti Bolognese

All but one are pasta based, so personally I think they could have done a better variety but nice to actually have some choice. I do like the sound of the beef cobbler though, topped with some amazing looking dumplings, that is one that I will be trying! They are all £3 which isn't too bad for ready
Asda Free From Panna Cotta Style Dessert
Asda Free From Panna Cotta Style Dessert
meals. The carbonara, macaroni and arabiatta were out of stock in my store so not sure of the allergens, but the other three are free from gluten and wheat (as far as I know they are not dairy or egg free).

The new desserts are reminiscent of the ones in Tesco with gluten, wheat and milk free chocolate mousses and coffee desserts (like a tiramisu) and gluten, wheat, egg and milk free panna cotta style desserts which almost look like creme caramels. All the new desserts are £1 for a pack of two, which is almost a bargain in the free from world, definitely worth trying!

Hopefully these new chilled items are the start of another free from expansion from Asda and there is more to come soon, fingers crossed!

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This blog was published on 10th January 2018

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