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Are You A Celeriac? Top 10 Funny Moments

Are You A Celeriac? Top 10 Funny Moments

Have you heard some really silly things from people who just don't understand Coeliac? Here are just a few we have heard.

Added 29th September 2015
Updated 13th December 2020

With any illness you hear some strange comments, especially from those who don't fully understand. Coeliac and gluten intolerance is no different. When you tell your grandparents you can't eat certain foods and are asked if you can have Yorkshire puddings as a one off or when you walk into a restaurant and get asked "what is celeriac?", some of the comments and questions we get subjected too are just so funny we're can't not give them an honorary mention here on Coeliac (or maybe I should rename to Celeriac) Sanctuary, so here is a top 10 of our favourite comments and questions we've heard in relation to Coeliac.

10. "No, it's not free, you have to pay Madam"
We just don't want to pay for the pleasure of eating gluten. Obviously.

9. "I'm on a gluten free diet too, I just don't eat bread any more"
Face. Palm.

8. "You can have a bit occasionally can't you"
Yes, if I want to destroy my intestines and sit on the toilet for a day or too.

7. "Is is contagious"
Yes, stupidness is contagious.

6. "I wish I had Coeliac so I could lose weight"
I wish I could lose weight, do you know how much sugar is in gluten free substitutes? Just eat healthy you muppet.

5. "Gluten free? So you can't have milk, that's gluten right?"
Some Coeliac's can't tolerate dairy, but no, gluten isn't in it.

4. "So can you eat gluten yet?"
I could if I wanted to stay in bed for a week.

3. "Of course our chips are gluten free, the heat of the fryer kills it"
I've no idea who told people this.

2. "Do potatoes contain gluten?"
Depends if they have been playing around in the flour again.

1. "You are a celeriac?"
Yes I am large swollen turnip (ok that could be true in some peoples cases).

Your Comments

Thanks for this laugh! My best (worst) to date was probably: "I'm sorry we don't have any gluten free options, but we do have some vegetarian and vegan ones if you want to try them instead?"
12th May 2018