8 Best Places For Gluten Free Afternoon Tea

8 Best Places For Gluten Free Afternoon Tea

So we asked on social media where the best places were for gluten free afternoon tea, a lot were mentioned but some were repeatedly mentioned. A LOT! So we did a blog of those 8 that got mentioned the most for the best gluten free afternoon tea.

Posted On: 14th August 2019
Last updated on: 14th August 2019
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Afternoon teas are so popular in the UK, even us gluten free folk love a good afternoon tea. These days there are hundreds of places to go and get an afternoon tea, most places even do gluten free ones.

We asked over our social media channels where the best place people had had a gluten free afternoon tea and a few kept repeatedly popping up, though there was of course loads of other places mentioned but not as many times as these 8.

So by popular demand of the Coeliac community, these 8 places are the ones to hit for the best gluten free afternoon teas. Some do also offer dairy free but not all of them so if you need that too you will have to double check.

Dotties gluten free afternoon tea
Dotties gluten free afternoon tea
1. Dotties - Arnold, Nottingham

By far Dotties was mentioned the most, they are completely gluten free so absolutely no risk of cross contamination with their afternoon tea! No two of their afternoon teas are the same but always come with a variety of different goodies from homemade cakes, sandwiches, salad, fruit and crisps.

Dotties are definitely worth a visit even if it's not for afternoon tea, you won't believe how good it is to eat at somewhere 100% gluten free where you can pick ANYTHING you want off the menu.

2. Fortnum and Mason - London

Fortnum and Mason got a fair few mentions, so if you are in London it looks like the best place you can head for your gluten free (or Alternative Dietary as they call it on the online menus) afternoon tea is here, everything on the menu sounds super posh and indulgent and at £55 a per I should hope it is (add another £13.50 if you want champagne too). From the mentions it is worth every penny.

Just a few things you can have on your afternoon tea are finger sandwiches, scones, vanilla cheesecake and raspberry and avocado mousse. So if you want a special treat, head here!

Byways gluten free afternoon tea
Byways gluten free afternoon tea
3. Byways - Bakewell

Having eaten here myself but not for afternoon tea I can definitely say it is a lovely cafe and the afternoon tea comes highly recommended by others. Bakewell is fab when it comes to gluten free, so many places offer options so a gluten free afternoon tea here is no surprise.

With a selection of sandwiches, scones and cakes this afternoon tea is sure to be a treat in this quaint Derbyshire town.

4. Butterfly and Pig - Glasgow

I can't tell you how often I have seen Butterfly and Pig mentioned in some form by Coeliacs, the Glaswegian Coeliacs love it. They have so much choice on offer and from what I hear do fabulous gluten free afternoon teas.

This fab place can cater to gluten free, dairy free and vegan afternoon teas on request and are packed full with delicious sandwiches, cakes and scones.

Rabbit Hole gluten free afternoon tea, petit four tier
Rabbit Hole gluten free afternoon tea, petit four tier
5. Rabbit Hole - Stoke on Trent

I love Alice in Wonderland and when I discovered the Rabbit Hole in Stoke did gluten free I had to go and it wasn't only me who loved it as many people said this was the best place they'd had gluten free afternoon tea too.

With a choice of amazing sandwich, petit fours, cake and fresh cooked scones as well as being packed out with salad and fruits, they are amazing afternoon teas. The owners Mum is also Coeliac which is why they do gluten free.

6. Pump Rooms - Bath

The ever popular Pump Rooms in Bath has always come highly recommended by others and when it comes to getting a gluten free afternoon tea it is no different.

The building is a 1700's roman baths, so full of history, and for £27 you can enjoy a gluten free afternoon tea filled with finger sandwiches, scones and beautiful petit fours.

Mad Hatters gluten free afternoon tea
Mad Hatters gluten free afternoon tea
7. Mad Hatters - Chester

Mad Hatters actually surprised me, another Alice in Wonderland themed cafe, this one in Chester and again one I have eaten at a few times, I expected Marmalade in Chester to be mentioned more times that Mad Hatters but no!

Mad Hatters is really delicious, I had an afternoon tea here a few years ago, delicous sandwiches, scone and topped with a homemade gluten free cupcake rather than petit fours, really reasonably priced and not as jam packed with food as some afternoon teas but still absolutely fabulous!

8. Savoy - London

If you want something really posh, The Savoy in London do gluten free afternoon teas starting from just £65, so if you really want to indulge and splash out and get some very special service head right here.

With a selection of extra special sandwiches, scone, petit fours and champagne on the side if you want it, you are in for a special treat with this one! With the cost is certainly is a one off special occasion type thing but one worth the price.

There are absolutely loads of places you can get afternoon teas from these days, where do you love going for your gluten free afternoon tea? Find more places in our where to eat guide, or if you can't find somewhere in there and know somewhere who does they let us know!

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Lumley Castle Chester-Le-St Durham. Lovely gluten free afternoon tea. &
Betty's tearooms York

Christine Appleby - 9th January 2020

Bettys tearoom York is amazing and Hadley park hotel in Telford

Teresa - 13th August 2020

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