6 Gluten Free Vegan Products in the Regular Shopping Aisles

6 Gluten Free Vegan Products in the Regular Shopping Aisles

Whether you are vegan as part of your lifestyle, taking part in Veganuary or just looking for something different to try, here are six products which are gluten free and vegan in the regular shopping aisles of the supermarkets or available online.
There are so many gluten free products that can be found on the regular aisles in supermarkets you really only need to hit the free from aisles for specialist items such as bread.

Since this month is "Veganuary" I thought I would do a blog featuring a few products which are both gluten free and Vegan, most can be found in the normal supermarket aisles.

These days there are so many products that are Vegan but you really do have to check to ensure they are gluten free, they may be free of dairy and egg but gluten isn't one that it is guaranteed to be free from though a lot of Vegan products are made gluten free be default.

Here are six products which are not only gluten free but also Vegan and I really think you need to try out, not necessarily for Veganuary but any time of the year!

Sweet Potato Waffles
Sweet Potato Waffles
Birds Eye Sweet Potato Waffles
These waffles are amazing! They are a blend of regular potato and sweet potato and they taste so good, especially topped with beans. I'm not a big potato fan but love sweet potato and these definitely taste more sweet potato like than regular potato. They were initially only available on Ocado but now seem to be in most of the major supermarkets for about £2.

Hippeas Crisps
Ocado, Tesco, Sainsburys, Holland and Barratt and other places sell these fabulous crisps, they taste gorgeous, especially the sweet and smokin. The cheese ones are almost like wotsits and are gluten free and dairy free which is unusual for cheesy crisps. They are available in big packs and smaller packs so if they small one isn't big enough for you, you can upgrade! They are usually found with all the other crisps!

Sainsburys Shroom Dogs
Alternative to regular sausages these ones are made from mushrooms and taste just as good if not better than pork sausages, they are lovely and "meaty" and really filling, they would make a great Vegan hotdog! They are available in packs of 6 for just £2.50.

Yorica Ice Cream
Yorica Ice Cream
Yorica Ice Cream
Ok, technically, maybe if this was in supermarkets it may be found in the free from freezer, but it might not, who knows! This one is only available on Ocado, there are two varieties, salted caramel and chocolate, they are not only Vegan but they are also free from all 14 of the main allergens. If you didn't know they were allergen free you wouldn't know as they both taste amazing. If you ever go London they had an Ice cream parlour that is completely Vegan and gluten free too. Ice cream tubs are not cheap at £5.50 but worth it as a treat.

Thai Taste Easy Thai Red Curry Kit
Thai curry doesn't mean chicken, this mix has all the spices ready to go, available from Asda, Sainsburys, Waitrose and Ocado. It's full of coconut and has so many delicious aromas, just add a shed load of delicious vegetables and you will have a fabulous curry. Serve with rice and you have a delicious meal.

Jackfruit has grown in popularity recently, it can be bought canned from Asian supermarkets, Ocado or at the moment it is in Aldi. This fruit is related to the figs but if you but it in a BBQ type sauce it tastes just like pulled pork! From Ocado you are looking at £3 a can however if you can grab some from Aldi while its in for Veganuary it's just over £1.

These are just six gluten free vegan products which can be widely found outside the free from aisles, there are plenty more available too in all the supermarkets.

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