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5 Xmas Products to Check for Gluten

It's not always obvious what products contain gluten free, make sure you keep an eye on what you are eating this Christmas so you aren't caught out by sneaky gluten.

Added 15th December 2015

Updated 13th December 2020

5 Xmas Products to Check for Gluten
There are lots of products available that are naturally gluten free, there are also a lot that SHOULD be gluten free but some manufacturers just can't seem to wrap their noggings around that theory. Here are 5 products you will more than likely be having this Christmas that you should remember to check before you accidentally make yourself ill (and not just from over eating!) on Christmas Day.

Chrimbo Choccies

You know those big boxes you only ever have at Christmas? Well thankfully Quality Streets, Roses and Cadbury Heroes are gluten free however don't go running for Celebrations, there may be a few gluten free sweets in there but the risk of cross contamination is high because of the other sweets in there that you can't have, so we wouldn't risk them. Also look out for the other mixed boxes like Swizzels and Lindt. You can find a better guide to what chocolate to have this Xmas in our Sweets and Chocolate blog

Pigs in Blankets
Ok, this one might be pretty obvious. A hell of a lot of sausages contain wheat unfortunately, the same holds true in many ready made pigs in blankets, thankfully this year Tesco and Marks and Spencer both have gluten free ones in. Same goes for cocktail sausages if you are making your own. Although good luck getting some, we've been trying for a week to get some but they are all out of stock!

Frozen vegetables
Just the other day I picked up a bag of frozen parsnips and found they contained wheat flour. Some manufacturers put flour in their frozen goods to stop them sticking together, as time passes a lot of places are beginning to change to potato starch but you still get the odd ones that use the old wheat! You may find that some fresh also use wheat flour, Morrisons use it on some of their stir fry veg so no doubt they use it on other veg too, most places won't coat the fresh stuff but you always get one odd ball!

Roast Potatoes
If you are buying precooked roasties frozen, beware of the flour issue like with the veg. Auntie Bessies are gluten free, so they are always a good option to choose but the likes of Morrisons own (why are Morrisons so useless at the gluten free marlarky?) are coating in that awful wheat flour as well as rice flour so they don't stick...why they can't just stick with rice flour is anyone's guess!

Your roast!
If you stick with a farm fresh turkey you can't go wrong, as you will be preparing it all yourself, but if you are having a three bird roast, a ready prepared turkey breast, or even a nut roast make sure you check it for gluten. Morrisons three bird roast with cranberry contains wheat as does their nut roast, so remember to be on the look out! (I haven't checked the other supermarkets roasts so they could be good to go!)

Remember to check the labels for those dreaded boldened words and may contain warnings, what you think in gluten free may turn out to have a naughty hidden ingredient, so always check the packaging!

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