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14 Things Not To Say To A Coeliac

14 Things Not To Say To A Coeliac

I'm sure we have all heard at least one of these over the years, just so many things Coeliacs do not want to hear!

Added 13th November 2015
Updated 13th December 2020

We've all had things said to us that make us either groan, sign or just plain ignore the ignorant person who said it. Here is just a few of the ones I have heard, I'm sure there are many more!

"They have steak or salad for you"
Because every Coeliac wants only those choices at every restaurant.

"A little bit won't hurt"
Oh yes it will, it will hurt your face a lot too.

"I made us toast, gluten free bread for you but I only had one toaster. And knife"
RED ALERT. Cross contamination

"You have stomach ache? Are you sure those vegetables were gluten free?"
Just because I have stomach ache doesn't automatically mean I got glutened.

"So you have a gluten allergy?"
No I have an autoimmune disease.

"Want to grab a bite to eat at that new cafe?"
Only if you have extensively researched the place to make sure I can eat there safely.

"I could live without bread"
Sighs deeply

"Oh I am doing that diet too, suppose to be really good"
It's not a FAD, gluten actually makes me very ill!

"Just buy normal food, it's cheaper"
Too right it's cheaper, shame I'll be glued to the toilet if I eat it.

"We have chocolate brownie or ice cream"
Why is it EVERYWHERE can only offer chocolate brownie and ice cream for pudding!

"At least you won't be tempted to eat that fabulous cake"
Oh I will, and I will sniff it until it makes me feel sick.

"What is gluten?"
Try googling it.

"Gluten free sandwiches taste disgusting"
Really? Try not having the option but to eat it.

"I suppose you don't want to come out for a meal with us"
Yes, I do, just make sure I can eat there!

Your Comments

Great Blog -well done
Andee Evans
13th April 2017
I have a couple to add

- why are you making your daughter eat gluten free, isn't it just a fad diet? (she's also Coeliac)

- I'd just deal with the stomach cramps, I can't live without bread and cake.

*roll of the eyes and an audible sigh*
21st February 2017
I have coeliac too. I despise it with a passion. At home though its bearable, but I hate the thought of travelling these days as it is scary and all the planning ahead gets to me. Unfortantely I am the type who gets severly sick with even the smallest bit of gluten. Id give almost anything to be rid of this horrid diease. Still, I battle on in hope the nexvax 2 vaccine is soon avaible and is effective.
20th January 2017
Now you can add the 2016 doozie - heard this several times.
"It's ok, the gluten cooks out over 175°" aaaaargh !
ann thompson
13th November 2016
We have jacket potatoes
Wow that would be great again and again and again
I like them a lot lol
Maggie Green
7th August 2016
I have a lovely best friend that has this disease and I am totally with her on this subject. What makes me mad is how magazines and celebrities put a gluten free diet across as the latest diet that will help to control your weight. It's not a fad diet they would love to be able to eat "normally " but are aware of the consequences of doing so. If you don't know about this subject don't decry people who have no choice and dismiss them as being "fussy "
linda stokes
11th April 2016
"brownie and ice cream" ...... Beats melon!!
10th April 2016
My wife was diagnosed in late 2012. Since then life has become 'interesting'. This blog strikes a few jarring chords. A couple of extra irritants for my wife:

"You must be very healthy eating all that fresh food!"

"We can do you a nice salad instead of chips with your steak"

"It's OK, we've taken the bun off your burger now..."

"Doesn't the hot fat get rid of the gluten then?"

"It's alright, there's only a couple of crumbs"

I'm sure we could come up with a few more. ;o)
Nigel Espley
17th December 2015
Funny and serious at the same time! Are you Ok if we share on our FB?
13th November 2015
Alison @ Coeliac Sanctuary replied to this comment on 13th November 2015

Hi, Nigel, share away!