12 Must Have Christmas Free From Products 2018

12 Must Have Christmas Free From Products 2018

Every year the amount of gluten free Christmas products increase and this year is no different, there are so many different options available for Christmas dinner, family buffets or for sweet treats, whichever supermarket you head to you are bound to find something different to have this year.

Posted On: 12th December 2018
Last updated on: 12th December 2018
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There are so many fabulous products out in the supermarkets for Christmas and it's round about now they get raided since they're shut for one day, so it's worth going to find what you need for xmas now.

With so many delicious items you need to try this year here are 12 of our favourites, some of which have been out year after year and never fail to impress, others which are new but are sure fire winners. We have all sorts of goodies on the go, whether they are for Christmas dinner, a buffet for the family or a sweet treat.

Co-op vegetable spring rolls
Co-op vegetable spring rolls
Co-op Vegetable Spring Rolls
It's not a buffet without Spring Rolls, head to Co-op and have a nosy in their freezer, they have a range of "party foods" in stock all labelled gluten free and they include some amazing spring rolls!
Marks and Spencer Mince Pies
If you only get one lot of Mince Pies this year, make sure they are Marks and Spencer ones, they are truly the best ones out there, some of them have hard pastry or not enough filling, but M&S ones are the perfect balance.

Tesco Panettone
This year Tesco have a gorgeous panettone which I have had to taste test more than once since September, it is just like I remember panettone, they aren't the cheapest at £3 and are only small, in my opinion they only serve one, but for the taste they are certainly worth the money.

Morrisons Mozzarella Sticks
These are popping up everyone just recently but I have heard many rave reviews for these ones, they are not frozen like most of the others either, these are in the buffet food in the chillers.

Aldi Christmas Pudding
Aldi Christmas Pudding
Aldi Christmas Pudding
If Christmas isn't Christmas for you until you have have a Christmas pudding then you need to get to Aldi they have a fab one in at a decent price, they do sell out fast though so get them while you can. You will find them in the centre aisles with all the seasonal items, they also have mince pies and xmas cake too.

Asda Cracker Selection
It's hard to get a cracker selection box, can't beat a good cracker with cheese on Boxing Day. The Asda cracker box contains cheese crackers, rosemary crackers and sea salt and black pepper crackers, great mix for using up the supply of cheese.

Morrisons Black Forest Gateau
If you raid your Morrisons freezer you might be lucky enough to come across their Free From Black Forest Gateau, a chocolate sponge filled with cherry compote, chocolate mousse and white chocolate cream, perfect dessert for after dinner if you are not one for Christmas pudding.

Co-op Christmas Cake Slices
Co-op Christmas Cake Slices
Co-op Christmas cake slices
This year co-op have really pulled it out of the bag, and if, like my house, you are the only one that eats Christmas cake, the cake slices from Co-op are the best, they are perfectly balanced between fruit cake, marzipan and icing and just a nice size too, great size to have with a nice hot cuppa!

Tesco Gingerbread House Kit
Just a few years ago it was impossible to get a free from gingerbread house this year though a few supermarkets have them, Tesco have been doing them the longest and they have never failed for us...even if the decorating doesn't always go to plan!

Nutrifree Panettone
Every year this has hit Sainsburys shelves. And every year I have never managed to get hold of one, they sell out so fast. If you don't mind paying double, Ocado do sell they too, and they are apparently very nice indeed. These aren't traditional fruit either, they are chocolate chips, so great if you don't like the fruit panettone, just make sure you raid your Sainsburys fast, it might even be worth contacting your local store to see if they still have any left.

Asda Dairy Free Penguins
Asda Dairy Free Penguins
Asda Dairy Free Penguins
I love these penguins they look so cute, one milk and one white, both dairy free, great for a chocolate treat which is safe for those that can't have dairy as well as gluten, fab little stocking filler!

Moo Free Selection Box
If you need a dairy free selection box as well as gluten free, Moo Free is the best choice, they are in most supermarkets including Aldi and contain a fab variety of dairy free chocolate treats such as chocolate buttons and flavoured bars.

What are your favourite Christmas products this year? There is just so many to choose from it is hard to list all the good ones. Asda have gluten free sausage meat stuffing, Marks and Spencer have free from bread sauce, Morrisons have their cute little polar bear cake in again. Just so many we can't mention them all!

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