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10 Gluten Free Christmas Products To Try

There are so many lovely gluten free products around that would be great to have this Christmas, so here are 10 of the ones we think you definitely should try.

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10 Gluten Free Christmas Products To Try
Every year more and more gluten free goodies pop up all across the supermarkets and online, from mince pies to cocktail sausages, many Christmas favourites are now available gluten free. We decided to make a list of our top ten must tries that we have seen pop up from all over the place this year, we are sure all off these are going to be hits over the festive period!

1. Marks and Spencer Sausage Rolls
No Christmas is complete without sausage rolls on the finger buffet, there isn't many gluten free options for sausage rolls around in the supermarkets, however the bigger Marks and Spencer stores have a pack of two sausage rolls in their Made Without Wheat range. Now if you need a lot of sausage rolls, at £3 you would be better off making your own but if you only want a couple these could be perfect (even more so if you catch them when they are reduced like I did!)

Available from only the bigger Marks and Spencers stores

Unfortunately you can't buy from Marks and Spencer online and they don't have any information about their new free from additions yet. We will link you to the PDF when they do update!

2. Greens Gluten Free Beer
Of course alcohol is a key part of Christmas for a lot of people, Green's award winning beer could fit that well. Available in mixed cases for £23, all of their beer is gluten free, from Grand India Pale Ale to Gold Dry Hopped Lager there are plenty of options to choose from. And until the 4th December you could actually win some of this delightful beer in our social media competition (see this blog for details)

Available from Greens online store

Find out more about Greens on their website

3. Delicious Alchemy Christmas Cake Mix
If you are not the best of bakers, Delicious Alchemy's Christmas cake mix is fabulous, it is deliciously moist and can be decorated however you want. Apart from a couple of ingredients everything is in one bag and for £5 you can't go wrong, and with it being fruit cake you can keep it in the cupboard for a good month or two even when it has been made.

Available from Delicious Alchemy's online store

Find out more about Delicious Alchemy on their website

4. Prewetts Christmas Tree Shortbread
Some people prefer a box of biscuits at Christmas instead of chocolates, so these tree shaped shortbread biscuits are perfect, and they cost less than £2, which is definitely a bargain in the Coeliac world! These biscuits are gluten free, but if you can't tolerate oats they may be out of the question as they are made with gluten free oats (in which case we suggest you try Asda's gluten free shortbread gift box, slightly more expensive but apparently not made with oats)

Available in Morrisons and Tesco

Find out more about Prewetts Biscuits on their website

5. Tesco Free From Christmas Mini Gift Cake
If you don't need a full size Christmas cake or you want to give one as a gift, this is the perfect size for one person. It is only available until Christmas eve and as of yet we haven't seen it in store, but it is available for online delivery. We reckon this would be ideal if you are the only one in the family who eats Christmas Cake or you just fancy a treat, at £3.50 though it might be slightly on the expensive side!

Available in some Tesco stores and Tesco Online

Find out more about this product on Tesco's website

6. Moo Free Dairy Free Selection Box
Every child, or even adult, likes a selection box at Christmas. However, whether you can't tolerate lactose, or are allergic to dairy or even if you are vegan, Moo Free's offering may stop you being left out. Complete with a chocolate Santa plus a honeycomb bar, an orange bar and a mint bar, this is the perfect chocolately treat for Christmas morning. The price for the box seems to range from £4.50 to £7.50 depending where you shop, if I were you, I would be heading straight for Holland and Barrett where it is only £4.50 compared to the extortionate prices on eBay and Not on the High Street.

Available from Holland and Barrett and various online outlets

Find out more about Moo Free on their website

7. Asda Free From Apple and Cranberry Mince Pies
We think these are a nice change from regular mince pies, with the bitter taste of cranberry combined with the sweetness of the apples they are sure to be a taste sensation. Every supermarket has a gluten free mince pie on offer but this one is certainly a stand out option from all the rest, and what's more these are actually only available gluten free, usually there is a regular version too, but not with these, they are pretty much one of a kind and at £2.30 not too badly priced

Available in Asda

Find out more about this product on Asda's website

8. Marks and Spencer Gluten Free Cocktail Sausages
As usual Marks and Spencer has cocktail sausages, you can't have a Christmas without having pigs and blankets! Unfortunately most places like to stuff their sausages with gluten, Asda do gluten free sausages but as of yet we're not sure if they have a cocktail sausage on offer, however Marks and Spencer definitely does and we are sure they will be a pretty good price as all their sausages are reasonably priced and 90% are gluten free as standard. We hope they also have their ready made pigs in blankets in this year as there were also gluten free last year!

Available from only the bigger Marks and Spencers stores

Unfortunately you can't buy from Marks and Spencer online and they don't have any information about their new free from additions yet. We will link you to the PDF when they do update!

9. Hale and Hearty Free From Sage and Onion Stuffing
At Christmas you need a good stuffing for your Turkey, a lot of high street stuffings contain gluten so are no use to us, but there are a few options available. The stand out one for us is Hale and Hearty's, at £2.50 for 100g, this option uses rice flour for it's breadcrumbs along with a combo of onion, salt, sage and parsley. The only issue with it is if you have multiple other allergies as it may contain traces of soya, nuts, celery, mustard, sesame and lupin.

Available from Amazon and Ocado

Find out more about Hale and Hearty on their website

10. Sainsburys Gluten Free Christmas Pudding
Every supermarket now has a gluten free Christmas pudding on offer but we think Sainsbury's is the nicest one. They have two sizes on offer; a one serving for £2 or a 4 serving for £4. Made with sultanas, raisins and currants infused with cider, rum and Christmas spices we think this one has a strong flavour too it and will be perfect with some boozy rum sauce!

Available at Sainsburys

Find out more about this product on Sainsbury's website

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