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10 Free From Products You Can Get (Usually Cheaper) In the Regular Aisles

Want to save some pennies? Some free from products are available gluten free in the regular aisles at the supermarket, some products are in the free from aisles because of other allergens such as dairy, so you could save some money buy simply checking ingredients of regular products and you might be pleasantly surprised!

10 Free From Products You Can Get (Usually Cheaper) In the Regular Aisles
There are so many products in the free from aisles that are available gluten free in other parts of the supermarket. The free from aisles aren't solely gluten free and some of us forget that. Free from can also mean dairy free, egg free, nut free or even sulphite free, though the majority of the free from products are gluten free too. Free from mayonnaise for example is in the free from aisle for being egg free, so you don't need to get special free from mayo if you are gluten free, there are ones you can have much cheaper (up to £2 cheaper!) in the normal aisles.

A lot of the time, except with cakes, breads, pasta etc, products which are pretty much never going to be gluten free as standard, various products will be cheaper and gluten free in the normal aisles. It's not always the case, sometimes one supermarket may do something free from because the product in the normal range isn't gluten free but then another supermarket will have it gluten free as standard. It is swings and roundabouts.

I am only going to look at 10 products which are in the free from aisles, by switching these products, though you may have to go different supermarkets in some instances, you can save some pennies, some products you save more than others by hitting the regular aisles.

1. Gnocchi
Morrisons Free from £1.20 for 250g/ Asda Standard Gnocchi £1.35 for 500g

For almost the same price as Morrisons free from, you can get double the amount of Asdas standard. Gnocchi is essentially just potato but some have wheat flour in too which is the case with Morrisons standard one, so they have a free from option. But when Asda's works out cheaper anyway.... I think I'd go for that one!

2. Bacon Fries
Tesco Free From Bacon Rashers Crisps £1 for 150g bag / Asda Bacon Bites 55p for 150g bag

This is the one that hacks me off the most, ok KP Bacon Fries do contain wheat but both Asda and Sainsburys own brand versions are gluten free as standard, I think Morrisons ones are too. However Tesco have done a free from one at double the price with almost identical ingredients to Asda or Sainsburys. I really don't understand why Tesco did these free from.

3. Free From Sausages
Tesco or Sainsburys 8 frozen free from Sausages £2 /Asda normal sausages and some Tesco and Morrisons normal sausages are gluten free ranging from £1.29 to £2.25
I don't get the point of free from sausages either, years ago maybe, but these days most sausages are gluten free as standard in pretty much all supermarkets, so having special free from ones is kind of obsolete as they still contain sulphites so not even free from those. Standard ranges are mostly cheaper too, just the extra special ones that are more expensive.

4. Free From Curly Fries
Asda Free From Curly Fries £1.45 for 750g / Tesco own curly fries £1.50 for 700g. Iceland curly fries 750g £1.50.

This is one where the free from is actually cheaper but that is probably because Asda is generally cheaper than Iceland and Tesco anyway. Free From curly fries, Morrisons did them a couple of years back and now Asda have them, if you don't have an Asda local though, Tesco own brand and Iceland both don't contain gluten.

5. Pesto
Tesco free from Pesto 190g 90p / Tesco standard pesto 90p or Asda standard 80p

With pesto most brands are gluten free, the only reason they are in the free from aisle is they are dairy free and sometimes nut free too, so if you only need gluten free you can grab the standard ones.

6. Korma Sauce
Asda free from korma sauce 500g 95p / Asda standard korma sauce 70p for 490g or Sainsburys 80p for 500g

Same as with the pesto, korma sauce is in the free from aisle for a different reason than gluten free, it is there for the dairy free element, standard korma sauce works out cheaper if you need just gluten free.

7. Lasagne Sauce
Tesco free from white sauce 64p 480g / Asda 58p for 480g

Again the free from one is dairy free, for lasagne sauces the standard ones are generally gluten free, even Dolmio is safe, most lasagne sauces are thickened with cornflour, no wheat flour involved.

8. Caramel rice cakes
Tesco free from caramel rice cakes £1 for 165g / Asda standard rice cakes 90p for 165g

OK, not much different price wise, if you want flavoured rice cakes though, Asda's are 10p less than Tesco free from and in the standard aisles.

9. Nachos cheese
Tesco free from cheese nachos £1 for 200g / Tesco standard range 76p for 200g

If you don't need dairy free cheese nachos you can save 24p by getting the normal ones, the free from ones are in the free from aisle because it is dairy free cheese on them!

10. Standard tortilla chips
Sainsburys free from tortilla chips £1 for 200g / Tesco 76g for 200g or Sainsburys standard 95p for 200g

Want some tortilla chips? Well free from and standard ones in Sainsburys have the same ingredients so save yourself 5p and get their standard ones. If you want cheaper then Tescos are gluten free and 24p cheaper.

There are other products you may find in the free from aisles that are gluten free in other parts of the supermarket, mayonnaise as mentioned at the top, ketchup and bolognese sauce to name a few. It is always worth checking the ingredients lists.

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