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Green silicone keyring with "Gluten Free" written in English, Spanish and Italian.


£2.75 each

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Simple green silicone keyring with a metal stud (stud colour varies, you will be given a random stud colour, either silver, gold, bronze or gunmetal, we cannot guarantee which colour stud will be in your keyring) and loop ring.

Silicone part of the keyring is printed with Gluten Free in three languages, English, Spanish and Italian.

Customer Feedback

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I bought some language cards recently for a trip to Portugal and they were extremely useful. As soon as the waiters read the card they knew exactly what I could or couldn't have, it was a lot less frustrating than having to try and translate it myself.

Caroline Wynne - Portuguese European and Portuguese Brazil Gluten Free Language Travel Cards

Thank you soooo much for the card I purchased from you. Just come back from Barcelona and it proved invaluable when we were eating out. It made it so much easier to explain what a coeliac can and can't eat especially when you can't speak the language too well. Will definitely recommend these!

Sue Bitcon - Spanish and Italian Gluten Free Language Travel Cards

I took one of these to Greece with me last week and it was invaluable. Fantastic idea. The hotel and restaurants were so helpful once they had read it... brilliant!

Susan Griffiths - Greek and Turkish Gluten Free Language Travel Cards

Green Gluten Free Sin Gluten Senza Glutine Keyring £2.75

Sorry, this item is out of stock...