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Travel cards are going up to £2 (currently £1.99) from 6th April due to increase in fees. All other products will remain the same price. This is the first product price increase we have made since we started 2 years ago.

Due to Royal Mail postage increases and increase in processing fees, our postage and packing cost will also be increasing from 6th April, all UK and international charges will increase by 10p (e.g UK postage between 1 and 6 travel cards will increase from £1 to £1.10, large letters (orders for wristbands, pens etc) will go from £1.30 to £1.40, small parcels (full sets of travel cards, multiple tote bags) will go from £4.20 to £4.30)

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Coeliac Silicone Wristband
Coeliac Silicone Wristband

Light blue silicone wristbands with 'I have Coeliac Disease !!!NO GLUTEN!!!' debossed in white, available in adult, junior and toddler sizes.


£2.30 each

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Light blue silicone wristbands with 'I have Coeliac Disease !!!NO GLUTEN!!!' debossed and filled in white, available in both adult (202mm),junior (180mm) and toddler (152mm) sizes. Wristbands are 100% silicone and do not contain latex.

For adult if you have skinny wrists you may find a junior fits better, if possible, it is best to use a tape measure to determine what size is needed. A junior usually fits age 6 to 12 (roughly, this can vary depending on the child) but again if the child has skinny wrists a toddler size may fit young children.

Designed to be easily worn on the wrist to alert people that you are Coeliac and in emergency situations could let Hospital staff know your dietary needs, or to inform your childs school or child minders of their dietary requirements. Or perfect to wear just to spread awareness of Coeliac Disease.

Colour and font type may variety slightly depending on production and the batches they have come from.

Customer Feedback

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Your language cards have made my life a million times easier than I could have imagined... first holiday abroad since diagnosis and it's been so so easy just to show waitresses and waiters a card in what they described as a "perfect translation". Will definitely buy for my next trip <3

Jessica Joyce Forbes - Croatian and Serbian Gluten Free Language Travel Cards

I have taken mine to France and it was worth its weight in gold!

Mandy Nicholson - French and German Gluten Free Language Travel Cards

Your Turkish allergy card was a lifesaver for us. Thanks so much for easing our way eating out safely on hols

Ann Thomson - Greek and Turkish Gluten Free Language Travel Cards

Coeliac Silicone Wristband £2.30