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Coeliac Card and Lanyard
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Coeliac explanation card with room to right a name, perfect for use by kids at parties. Comes with a simple white lanyard to make it easy to carry.


Simple card with an explanation of Coeliac and a space to write a name, written in simple English to make people easily aware of what an individual can't eat. Perfect for use at kids parties, especially if the hosts aren't very Coeliac aware, or in schools if you need that extra piece of mind (please check with the school that items like these are OK to carry, not all schools will allow use of lanyards etc)

The card reads simply:-

"Hi! My name is _______. I have an autoimmune disease called Coeliac Disease. I can't eat anything that contains gluten which is found in wheat, barley and rye. I also cannot eat oats unless they are gluten free. Eating gluten will make me very poorly. It's important that nothing containing gluten touches my food & hands are washed before handling my food."

The card has a blue background with our mascot and logo "Sealiac" and the text printed above in a speech bubble It is standard business card size.

The card comes with a plain, 10mm wide, white lanyard with simple plastic safety break free clip fasten, metal clip attachment and a clear plastic card holder.

Customer Feedback

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I've bought a Croatian card and it works brilliantly! I haven't been poisoned once and been in Croatia a week. Thank you
Julie Henderson - Croatian and Serbian Gluten Free Language Travel Cards
Your language cards have made my life a million times easier than I could have imagined... first holiday abroad since diagnosis and it's been so so easy just to show waitresses and waiters a card in what they described as a "perfect translation". Will definitely buy for my next trip <3
Jessica Joyce Forbes - Croatian and Serbian Gluten Free Language Travel Cards
Received my daughters wristband today, she want to wear it straight away for school tomorrow! I've looked all over for one so thank you!
Sammy Jo - Coeliac Silicone Wristband