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Twice As Nice

Twice As Nice, Newcastle Under Lyme, Staffordshire

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3 Fogg St E
01782 635839
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This bakery has now unfortunately closed down

One thing we lack so much in the UK is specialist gluten free bakeries, there have been a few popping up here and there, the most stand out one being Sugar Daddies in Edinburgh. However just before Christmas one opened in a town not far from me so obviously first opportunity I got I had to visit, I have now been a few times and had different things, and can honestly say it is fabulous.

This bakery is set in the Staffordshire town of Newcastle Under Lyme, a town I know well as I used to work there a few years back, and believe me, if I still worked there I would be at this bakery every day. If you Google Twice As Nice it will tell you it is down a street which doesn't even have shops on, I know Newcastle fairly well but first time looking for the bakery it struggled to find it off Google's directions. So bare that in mind, if you are looking for it, it isn't actually on a street it is in the arcade.

Twice As Nice bakery doesn't scream about being entirely gluten free, I think they have the right idea there as unfortunately screaming about gluten free just doesn't get you all the custom you can get, don't announce it everywhere you get everyone, not just gluten free people going in, what the normal people don't know won't hurt them, and I can guarantee if you don't tell them this bakery is gluten free they won't know the difference. The bakery is not only gluten free but also Vegan so if you need dairy free and/or egg free because of allergies you haven't got a problem either (or of course if you are Vegan).

The first time I went they were nearly bare, pretty much sold out of everything, so I just tried a slice of cake she had which was lovely and moist but for the life of me I can't remember what sort it was. While there we chatted to the owner a bit, she bakes all the cakes and bread on the premises, and will cook items to order if you want something specific for a certain day. Thursday is also Oatcake delivery day, gluten free oatcakes are something I have been looking for for a while but unless I traveled to pretty much the other side of Staffordshire I couldn't get any, however Twice As Nice buy them in and they sell out fast. Always remember to pre order oatcakes otherwise you won't get any!

The last time we went we had chocolate brownies and coconut macaroons, both were amazing and it is worth visiting just for the brownies alone, I have never had such moist, chocolatey brownies and being Coeliac I often get offered brownies as a dessert so I have had my fair share! The macaroons were also delicious, beating even the massive ones you get at Manchester Christmas Market.

Not only did we try these fabulous cakes, but for the first time I got to same the bread. I chose a white loaf but the nearest she does to white contains linseeds which was fine by me. The loaf was lovely and soft and tasted like regular bread, you wouldn't know it was gluten free. Obviously with it being fresh it won't last long, that's the thing about no preservatives, however I sliced mine and put it in the freezer and it lasted well.

Not only does Twice As Nice stock homemade baked goods, they also stock bought in gluten free oatcakes, as mentioned before, Voakes pies, various other chilled products, Foodmentalists packet mixes and some other gluten free items such as boxed biscuits and sweets.

Twice As Nice is 100% worth the visit if you can get there, it is guaranteed to be cross contamination free and they have a nice variety of wonderful baked items, everything is worth a try, guaranteed you will go in for a loaf and come out with a bag full of all sorts, we recommend it to everyone!

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