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Topiary Coffee Shop

Topiary Coffee Shop, Congleton, Cheshire

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Astbury Meadow Garden Centre
Newcastle Road
CW12 4RL
01260 276466
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This was one of the first places I went after going gluten free, and before I started Coeliac Sanctuary website, and have been a few times since, every time they have been very accommodating. The menu doesn't state they offer gluten free, but there is a nice sign on top of the counter that tells you to ask the manager about your dietary requirements, so that's what I do every time.

The staff are always pleasant and it's never too much trouble to get the manager from the kitchen, she comes and tells me the usual, that they have gluten free bread in the freezer, that the omelettes are gluten free, and then follows up with if any of the specials are gluten free, usually there is one or two or they can adapt them slightly.

At the moment they don't offer any gluten free cakes which I think is a letdown, considering they get a few of their items off the Foodamentalists in Middlewich who are a gluten free bakery and they definitely do cakes I should imagine it wouldn't be too difficult to order cakes off them as well as their usual items.

The staff are fairly knowledgeable, there are more knowledgeable places but they do at least try to prevent cross contamination and help where they can. Every time I go though they always have to check either mayonnaise or beans are gluten free, they either can never remember whether it is or change brand so often they don't know.

I would suggest giving it a try, it is a lovely little cafe and they do try their hardest and are very accommodating.

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