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The Fish House

The Fish House, Fleetwood, Lancashire

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172 Dock Street
01253 779229
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On a mission to find gluten free fish and chips while we were in Blackpool, we discovered we were a day late to get them from the only chip shop which offered then in Blackpool, so instead we traveled a little up the coast to Fleetwood as we had heard of two chip shops who could cater up there.

The one we chose to try was the Fish House working purely off word of mouth as we couldn't find any reference to them offering gluten free anywhere. If that chip shop failed we had a back up option down another street not to far away. The Fish House (which is also known as Richardsons) is on the main road through Fleetwood so was very easy to find, parking could be a little difficult but we were lucky and managed to park right in front.

The place was nice and quiet so we went straight to the counter and asked if they did gluten free, "yes we do" was the reply we got and "yes separate fryers and utensils" when I asked if it was cooked separate. If we hadn't have asked we wouldn't have been any the wiser to whether they did gluten free or not, on first look there was no mention outside or on the menus, it was only when we were sat waiting for our food to be cooked that my boyfriend noticed a sign saying "if you have a food intolerance please tell us and we can advise", this was the only potential reference to them possibly offering gluten free and from past experience I know this sign doesn't necessarily mean the do offer gluten free.

The staff were nice and friendly, chatting while we waited for our food, we also found out that they do gluten free everyday, they don't need prior notice either, it can be done as and when you want it.

Didn't take too long to get our food, when we did we went back to the car and drove a few minutes up the road to a little car park and walked a few minutes up to the estuary where we sat with our toes in the sand watching the ferry come in and enjoying our food.

I did find the batter on the fish was a little salty but it was nice nonetheless and the chips were some of the best I have had the pleasure of eating, the seagull that came and nicked the chip which fell off my fork also seemed to appreciate the lovely food. The fish was a little smaller than other chippies I have been too, but who am I to complain considering the price and the lovely flavour of it.

I will definitely be back when ever I am in the area, it was a lovely meal and we got to eat it in a lovely place which you don't always get to do when you have to go in search of gluten free.

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