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The Elephant

The Elephant, Crewe, Cheshire

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289 Newcastle Rd
01270 666180
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It has been a long time since I last ate at The Elephant (so long that our old review doesn't even have photos because the website had only just started!), it might be not far from me but it's not somewhere I tend to go often, so on this visit it was nice to see that the gluten free menu had increased. It wasn't skimpy before but now I was pretty much spoilt for choice.

Behind the bar a board states they sell gluten free beer, I don't drink but my Mum had one while the rest of us stuck to non alcoholic drinks. While we got our drinks we had a look through the menu, trying to decide what to have and went and took a seat at a window table.

The choice on the menu ranged from grills to burgers with all kinds of offerings in between. Once we got our drinks we placed our food order, I finally settled on something I haven't had in a long time; a rack of ribs complete with chips (yes they were in their own fryer) and side salad. My Mum who also has a gluten intolerance decided on a steak, a pretty standard dish for any gluten free person!

While waiting for the food to be freshly cooked, Mum tried her Daura Damm Gluten Free Lager and said it tasted like normal lager. Honestly I don't even know how that tastes so I will take her word for it.

The food took a little while to arrive but there were people in front of us and everything is cooked fresh. Once it came out the waitress knew which dishes were gluten free and served us first then brought out the other food. The fresh food was delicious, and the ribs were nice and succulent, Mums steak came out just the way she liked, although the mushrooms were dripping in rather a lot of oil but otherwise the food was deliciously tasty.

With the chance of dessert that isn't ice cream we certainly couldn't leave without pud, we might have been rather full up but with a list of around 6 desserts including apple pie and creme brulee we had to try something.

One of the listings was for Daim cake, I have had this before, it is the one you can buy in most supermarkets in the freezer aisle, but I decided that was just what I fancied. Mum settled on the creme brulee which was homemade.

When the desserts come out the Daim cake had been heated up so was oozing melting chocolate and served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. I have never had the daim cake warm, the Daim had gone chewy with chocolate melting all through and it was really delicious, I never even considered warming it up before. Mum's creme brulee was homemade and looked lovely, a super crispy top with a light egg custard underneath.

As we went to pay the landlord served us, as we were chatting we learnt he was Coeliac himself so knew all the procedures that needed to be put in place and this was way all the staff were so knowledge, so if we were ever in a slight bit of doubt we could be sure that everything was prepared as safely as possible... if not they would have a Coeliac landlord to deal with.

We can't wait to go back and sample more food from off the menu. With lovely staff and a great menu they are sure to do well with both none gluten free food and gluten free!

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