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Starbucks, Sheffield, South Yorkshire

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4 Fargate
South Yorkshire
S1 2HE
0114 2750358
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While taking a stroll in sunny Sheffield I decided I wanted something nice and cold, the first thing that came to mind was a nice icy Starbucks frappachino, I was a little hesitant as to whether I would be able to have it and when stood in the middle of a packed out city, it wasn't the best time to Google it, so since we was stood meters away from a branch I decided I might as well ask.

While queuing, I noticed the Falafel wrap which I heard was gluten free was out of stock, a nice empty slot on the chilled was all that stood where the wrap should have been, the wrap is something I have wanted to try for a while, just to see if it is nicer than the Costa wrap (which we reviewed here), but obviously that wasn't to be on this visit.

At a glance I couldn't see any cakes that screamed out gluten free, I didn't bother even looking the cake cabinet, expecting them to be wrapped on the side like in Costa.

When I reached the counter I asked the lady if the Strawberry and Cream frappachino was gluten free, she initially said she couldn't see why it wouldn't be but went and checked the ingredients on the back of the sauce when I said the sauce was my main concern as I didn't know what they had used as a thickener in it, other than that the fresh milk wasn't an issue and neither was the ice. After checking the carton she came back and said there was no gluten in it and the squirty cream for the top (which was optional) was also gluten free. Well that made my day, I thought a frappachino was going to be off the cards.

While I was there I thought I may as well ask if there was any cakes too, she told me the nut type bars on the side where gluten free and they also had a chocolate brownie. I couldn't see that anywhere so asked and she said "oh it's in the cake cabinet, but I will get you a wrapped one out of the fridge", well I didn't like they had them in with other cakes, but automatically knowing I would require a wrapped one gave them extra points in my book, some places need prompting about cross contamination but here she automatically knew I was going to turn round and say I wasn't having it when it had been so close to normal cakes.

After collecting my wrapped brownie and frappachino I went and sat down and thought I would nosy online, so I found the allergy sheet on their website for drinks and scrolled down, nearly everything is gluten free, the only things that weren't were things like crumble toppings, other than that, all the actual drinks themselves, including hot chocolate, were gluten free! Excellent news to my ears, pity my nearest is a 20 minute drive away!

In terms of taste the brownie was pretty good, it was moist and chewy as I expect a brownie to be and the packet clearly stated gluten free, the frappachino was a nice as ever, the iciness of if perfect for a hot day with a lovely creamy taste. Beats a milkshake any day.

Overall Starbucks did pretty well, they were knowledgeable and helpful and can offer a variety in drinks, however choice is limited on food, one day I will report back on the wrap when I can finally get hold of one but since they seem to prove popular I will assume they are as tasty as the brownie.

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I travelled back and forth from Norway to UK a few times this year and Starbucks was my saviour in Amsterdam airport!! The brownies are so moist and delicious and it was about the only thing I could actually eat there! Coupled with an icey fruit drink and it was the perfect flight transfer snack!
21st July 2015