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Rusland Pool Hotel, Ulverston, Cumbria

Large gluten and dairy free menu available, also do egg free options. options include nachos, steaks, burgers in bun, salads, meat dishes, sandwiches and a whole host of puddings, also have a GF kids menu.

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Rusland Pool Hotel
LA12 8AA
01229 861384
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Rusland Pool Hotel
If you are considering a trip to the lake, Rusland Pool Hotel is certainly a place that should be on your hit list, sitting just outside Ulverston it isn't too far from Windermere.

We both stayed and dined at Rusland Pool and can honestly say it was amazing. We stayed at the hotel one night, on our check in night we dined there for evening meal, it had been a place I knew I would have to try when I got chance and I wasn't disappointed.

The gluten free menu is huge, one of the largest I have ever seen, the menu is combined with Vegan and dairy free, not all the options are Vegan so don't be afraid of that, there are plenty of meat choices including burgers, chicken and more. Some options do say "with dairy free cheese" etc, but take no notice unless you are dairy free too as the waiter will ask if you need dairy free, if not they will switch to regular dairy filled versions for you.

On the night we dined it was fairly quiet but it is worth booking, as they do get very busy, it was a Friday night we dined, the pub itself was full from what I gather but the second one used for the hotel had a few seats.

It did take me a while to choose what to have, the waiter was happy to answer any questions and confirmed all gluten free was cooked separate, everything in the kitchen is labelled "gluten free only" "vegan" etc depending what each fryer and utensil was used for.

I eventually choice a farmhouse burger, a burger, chicken breast, pulled pork and cheese in a gluten free bun with chips and side salad...and topped with two onion rings too!

It did take a while to get our food, everything is cooked fresh to order but when we got it the food looked amazing and was delicious. The burger was huge and packed with flavour and with the size of the burger I wasn't over faced with a load of chips there was just a nice little portion on the side, it is certainly a dish I plan on trying to make at home!

Despite the huge burger I couldn't resist pudding. The Hotel actually sell a range of puddings in shops which are made on site, sold under the name Lakeland Pudding Company, I have seen their products in Bakewell before, it was one of these puddings I choice for dessert out of about 10 different options I could have.

I chose the syrup sponge with custard it was delicious, very sweet but syrup sponge should be sweet, wasn't a huge piece but you didn't need a huge piece what I got was enough.

We were stuffed after our evening meal, knowing they could cater at breakfast we had our brekkie there too, it was included in the price of our stay so why not. Pretty much everything could be done gluten free including full breakfasts. I decided to have pancake with bacon and maple syrup, very American!

The pancake was nice but I have had nicer, it was great to have something different to choose, it was enough to keep me going for the day too. Would definitely have breakfast there again, staff were understanding and knowledgeable. Not sure if they did toast gluten free, they had a commercial toaster out front to do your own normal bread but I imagine they may cook gluten free toast in the kitchen, nothing else was any issue so would imagine this wouldn't be a problem.

We can't wait to visit again whether to stay for a night or two or just for a meal, lovely place, not too bad prices, understanding staff, we really couldn't ask for much more!

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