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Robertsons Fish Restaurant

Robertsons Fish Restaurant, Whitby, North Yorkshire

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6-7 Bridge Street
North Yorkshire
YO22 4BG
01947 821576
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To be honest, this wasn't our first choice of chip shop in Whitby. Having been here numerous times we first headed to Quayside in the hopes of reviewing there but they were shut for maintenance, after that we headed to Magpies, previously reviewed but their restaurant was shut meaning the takeaway wasn't offering gluten free as it is cooked in the restaurant kitchen. So after roaming we came across this one on the other side of the bridge, the lettering on the window indicating that both their restaurant and takeaway also offered gluten free batter.

The wind was a little rough outside so we decided to eat in the restaurant rather than take out like we would usually, as soon as my boyfriend got through the door he asked if they did gluten free, just to make sure and the waitress assured us they did.

We sat down and looked at the menu, the menu stated that all fish could be done in gluten free batter but nothing else was obvious, I wasn't even sure if they were using a separate fryer at that point. When the waitress came and took our order I immediately asked if gluten free was done in a separate fryer, she half rolled her eyes and said yes in reply as if the answer was obvious, I went ahead and ordered cod and chips.

We didn't have too long to wait until we received our food, everything looked nice and freshly cooked, and when you are eating with none gluten free people, it is always good to see the batter on their fish looking different, mine wasn't so golden and looked different, always a good indicator that a different type of batter has been used. Despite the food being hot and fresh, I have to admit the batter was harder than I am accustomed too, it was a little hard to cut through as some points, with me practically stabbing it in order to break through, but none the less it tasted nice and the fish was lovely and white inside.

I was too full up to ask about desserts but from their menu it looked like choice would be limited for gluten free, ice cream or possibly at a push the banana split (depending what they are using in it of course).

Despite the food being nice, I still think this chippy would be a "last resort" kind of option, it is good, don't get me wrong, but there are other chip shops in Whitby that do have the edge on them, if the queues are too long, they are shut or aren't serving gluten free at the others I would go back, but I don't think I would make a bee line straight in their direction if I had other options.

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I have to disagree with Robertsons as a last resort. As a local I have been to all GF fish shops many times and Robertsons is by far the
best batter.
Lynn Mortlock
14th March 2015
Gotta love Whitby, so many options for us GF people, but I prefer Magpie's myself
17th January 2015