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Mothertown Fish and Chips - Burslem, Staffordshire

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10 Swan Square, Burslem, Stoke on Trent, Staffs, ST6 3EA
077956 83455
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After hearing so many good things abut this place I really did have to try it, I've been planning on going for so long as it is within a reasonable driving distance to me most of the time but just never had chance, however I was in the area this week so there was no better time to give it a shot.

At first we didn't see the massive building and drove straight past, lead by google maps though we got back to where it was on foot and face palmed ourselves when we saw the sign right there in front of us.

Walking in the place was quiet, but people were only just finishing work which was obviously why it was quiet. Sitting down, the very first page of the menu had a gluten free section and business cards for the company who made their gluten free fishcakes, a nice intro clearly indicating they do gluten free which included fish, fishcakes and chips. For a change I opted to try one of the fishcakes, they had 4 different varieties so I decided to try the Chinese style prawn and rice one just because it sounded different.

I went to the till to order and asked if the gluten free was cooked separate, the lady looked at the ceiling and proclaimed that yes it was cooked separately. Satisfied that my food was being cooked separately I ordered my fishcake and chips. Sitting back down I heard her ask the chef for a gluten free fishcake but she never asked for the chips. To be honest I never thought anything of it, I automatically presumed they would do the chips with the fishcake.

On receiving the food, the chips I got were a bit bitty, I might have been spoilt with other chip shops, but these were not the nicest I have had but ok and the fishcake was a little hard, it was tasty and different but the outside which was some kind of batter crossed with breadcrumbs took some cutting through, but for the cost of the food I really couldn't moan, I usually pay double the amount I paid here.

We left after eating and half an hour later I got familar pains that I haven't felt in months, definite gluten pains were stabbing in my stomach. I don't doubt the gluten free fishcake was cooked separate however what I did doubt are the chips. Were cooked with my boyfriends who had none gluten free battered sausage and chips? If the chips were cooked with my fishcake then there is definitely some cross contamination issue going on. I have read many reviews that have said Mothertown are good for gluten free but this time they didn't live up to my expectations.

Maybe I will return and give it another shot one day, after all the other reports I would say they are worth trying out.

EDIT: On talking to the owner, I have been assured my chips were cooked seperate and the chef has good knowledge of gluten free (something I have been told many times so have no doubt about). Therefore I am willing to accept that my "gluten" pains (I call them that as a pain caused by gluten feels entirely different to any other pain) were accidental on this occasion, perhaps not from cross contamination during preparation (the red plates indicate gluten free I have been informed) but definitely at some point but can't conclude where, an error on mine or my boyfriends part maybe, who knows.

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hello. as the owner of the afore mentioned chip shop we are HORRIFIED you would state you were glutened by our shop! under NO circumstance can you have encountered a glutening from our food. The batter coated fishcake you mentioned is coated with polenta. This is gluten free. Simple, flippant accusations unfounded and untrue can cripple a small business. We are aware what day you came in as we were most excited to see your status. As you will note your plate was red. this is so there is NO chance of cross contamination and the chef dishes out the gluten free chips separately. As of today, a further new fryer has been added to cope with demand (yes it does get busy)!, and this ensures ALL chips are now GF. Your stomach pains need assessing further because you can be assured 100% you received NO contaminated food from our establishment. 6pm saw 44 additional customers. Most do takeaway. You state you wouldn't return which is a great shame n we are sorry your expectations weren't met.

Julie Hancock - 17th February 2015

we order from here regularly as a treat for my Ceoliac husband and 2 little girls, everything is cooked seperate, Steve is knowledgable and knows to avoid cross contamination. we have never had an issue here. the food is excellent. the card for the company who make the fish cakes is - this is a company that was set up as the fishcakes etc are so popular. its the same people. :-) You could have been glutened from something your boyfriend had. whenever i eat out with my 3 i have the same as them prevents any accidents happening. hopefully you will return to the best chippy in the county, one day.

Kerry - 17th February 2015

We have eaten here so many times that I have lost count, I am gluten free my husband and children are not. Every time that we have eaten here the food has been fantastic both eating in and taking away and I can assure you that I have never been "glutened" on any occasion and our order always contains a mix of gluten free & gluten containing food. I can't recommend The Mother Town highly enough, I have recommended to every gluten free person that I know, many have been and only have good things to say!!!

Laurie - 31st March 2015

Hi, we are wondering if you ever did call back in again? we would be so upset if you hadn't. please let us know :)

julie - 12th August 2017
Alison @ Coeliac Sanctuary replied to this comment on 12th August 2017

Hi Julie, we haven't had chance yet, we're not down that way very often we will do though, I know you are such are fab chippy from others reports so know the day we came in didn't accurately reflect the chippy. We will have to call, hopefully soon :)

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