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Fish and Fritz

Fish and Fritz, Weymouth, Dorset

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9 Market St
01305 766386
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I love some good old fish and chips but it sure does get boring when a lot of the chip shops that offer gluten free only do that one option, why can't we have a choice like everyone else does?

On a trip to Weymouth I was very pleased to see that there were two chip shops that offer gluten free, one being the Old Harbour Fish and Chips (which I reviewed a long time ago but hear hasn't changed (which is good!)) and Fish and Fritz which I only heard about recently. Since we were near to Fish and Fritz and hadn't been before we decided to give them a whirl and we were so glad we did.

There was a large queue, it was a hot day and Weymouth was busy, but we weren't put off by that, it actually gave me a chance to decide what to have. A gluten free menu was hung right by the counter and had a lovely choice of options, fish, sausages, fish cakes. Just as I made my mind up I spotted the specials menu also had two other fishcakes on, one was a katsu curry style one which just sounded amazing, in the end though I went with my usual way of choosing, basically whatever comes out of my mouth when I reach the till.

We double checked with the staff that gluten free was cooked separate and he assured us that the gluten free was all done in their own dedicated pan. There was a little wait due to the amount of people and because gluten free was cooked fresh, as we waited we heard another 4 people order from the gluten free menu. It was nice to see so many Coeliacs trusting this chip shop, a couple of them were regular visitors too, it made me feel like I was perfectly normal and not out of place like I sometimes feel ordering gluten free.

Since we were staying not too far away we drove to out lodgings to eat, the gluten free boxes had been marked so we knew which were which and were places on top of the none gluten free boxes.

I'd eventually settled on a haddock and mozzarella fishcake as did my mum and must say it made a pleasant change to fish and chips or even sausage and chips. The fishcake had a lovely flavour it was both fishy and cheesy but neither were overpowering flavours, they worked really well together and the crumb coating was lovely and crunchy too, overall a really good fishcake, the chips were really good too, some places I find just too greasy but these were lovely and golden definitely not dripping in oil.

I do wish we had chance to go back again so I could try some of the other fishcakes but time didn't permit, when I am around the area in future I will definitely be back, it was a fabulous meal at a great price, the staff were fab it was overall a pleasure to eat at.

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