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Ed's Easy Diner

Ed's Easy Diner, Gateshead, Tyne and Wear

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Tyne and Wear
NE11 9YR
0191 4604148
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We've been Ed's Diner a few times but it's always been the same branch, Sheffield Meadowhall, which we reviewed back in May (you can read that here), as we don't have another branch that's within easy reach, so after a long drive and needing somewhere to eat in Gateshead we chose to eat at Ed's in the Metro Centre, after spending nearly half an hour driving round trying to find the entrance to the car park that is!

We were both starving and eager to devour a lot of food but before we could do that I faced the struggle all Coeliac's face when they have a substantial amount to choose from on the menu...what to have. My mind kept changing from burger to hotdog so fast I actually resorted to having whatever the first thing to blurt out of my mouth was when the waitress came over.

It was only an hour before shutting but nonetheless this didn't mean anything, there was still a good handful of people eating and the staff were as friendly as ever with the waitress ambling over with a huge grin on her face. On this occasion the first thing to blurt from my mouth was a gluten free pulled pork hotdog and bacon and cheese fries, the waitress clarified I was ordering from the gluten free menu and put it though on her iPad that it was gluten free. For a change I decided against my usual banana and peanut butter milkshake and instead asked for a Nutella which was listed under the special shakes. Again double checking I was ordering it from the gluten free menu the waitress registered the rest of the order.

Being near to an open kitchen has it's advantages, we watched my milkshake being made, and we saw the chef open a fresh jar of Nutella for mine when we distinctly saw another jar being used for an order not long before ours. Maybe it was coincidence that they had just finished a jar but I don't think it was, I think they opened a fresh jar to prevent cross contamination.

Soon after a different server arrived with my boyfriends meal, making sure to push his fries toward him and saying to me with a grin "they are not for you, I'll get your gluten free ones now", second later she reappeared with my meal, stomach rumbling I eagerly tucked into the pulled pork hotdog. Delicious, I'd only ever had the pulled pork burger before not the hotdog. It's the simple pleasures when you are Coeliac, it's not often you can get a proper hotdog gluten free in a restaurant, and this hotdog was everything I could hope for, the bread was lovely and soft and the hotdog just like a traditional one, topped with pulled pork, I could have easily eaten another one. The fries I had were topped with bacon bits and cheese sauce, really yummy but the sauce did drench the fries in the bottom a little to much for my liking.

We were so hungry we even decided to have dessert, first time we'd had dessert at Ed's. There wasn't as many options as for mains but still a few to choose from, I settled for a berry sundae which was really nice, full of mixed berries, ice cream and strawberry sauce. My boyfriend had the brownie but because he ordered from the main menu I didn't risk trying it as we didn't know if they used the same brownie as on the gluten free menu.

We really do love Ed's but some people have had problems with them, we can honestly say we haven't had an issue, every time we have been the staff have been absolutely amazing, some of the most knowledgeable staff I have had the pleasure of dealing with and we'll continue going to them whenever we get the chance, it's one place I really do get a sense of normality when it comes to the menu as the majority is the same as the normal menu, it's brilliant being able to have a hotdog or burger with everyone else and not feel left out.

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