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Costa Coffee

Costa Coffee, Crewe, Cheshire

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40 Market St
01270 617107
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I do like Costa sometimes and when I was in need of food and this was the only option I was quite happy to give their Christmas wrap a try.

I had doubts about trying the Christmas wrap as I don't really like cranberry or sage, however working off their previous gluten free wraps I had a feeling the amount of each I was going to get in it would be minimal so I chanced it. Picking up the last one from the fridge, I waited in the extra long queue and thought about what drink I was going to have.

On this occasion I pretty much knew straight away what drink to go for without asking, I didn't want they fiasco of asking the staff again. Last time I tried to find out what was gluten free on the Christmas drinks the staff were less that knowledgeable, not even attempting to look in the allergy book to see what I could have and telling me straight out things weren't gluten free even when I was fairly confident they were. On that occasion I gave up with the staff members and left, late resorting to their online allergy guide (if you look at their PDF version rather than the online version it actually lists whether it is a cross contamination risk as well as straight yes and no's for gluten) and returned later in the week knowing what to order without the fuss of asking again.

Opting for White Hot Chocolate without cream and sauce (both of which are also gluten free), I placed my order and also grabbed one of the gluten free pecan pies from the counter. The good thing about Costa cakes is that they are all wrapped at the counter so you don't have the issue of trying to get the staff to understand why they can't use the same tongs or get a wrapped one from the back of the shop!

I will admit Costa are on the expensive side, my "meal" cost me over £8 for something that would probably be half that price in an independent cafe.

The wrap wasn't at all thrilling, my initial thought was proven right when opened, the wrap wasn't even filled all the way down, only about half of each side had filling it with one piece of turkey and a tiny bit of bacon and very little sage mayo or cranberry which I was thankful for. The majority of the filling was made up of lettuce. It was an ok option but I have had nicer wraps from alternative places.

I usually like the cakes from Costa too, with their multiple choices they are all usually fairly decent, however the pecan pies weren't as nice as expected, they were very dry and after eating them I was desperately in need of the hot chocolate to wash it down. The pecan filling was nice but did have an unusual after taste to it, I can't say I was overly thrilled with it. I did much prefer the Crimbo Crumble I had a few weeks back which they have this year alongside the pecan pies, and I wasn't overly impressed with that either, but at least it wasn't quite as dry as the pecan pies. I think I will be sticking to the chocolate brownie until they have some new cake offerings in the new year.

Costa is an expensive option but it is at least an option and I always find their staff can either never be bothered or just plain don't understand allergies, however if you are willing to go and dig the allergy info out yourself their drinks are nice, I can definitely recommend the white chocolate hot chocolate if you have a sweet tooth, it is very sweet and oh so delicious too. I just hope the new year see's a better wrap than their last few offerings (we also reviewed Costa in Liverpool when they had the Chicken and Basil wrap on offer, you can read that review here.)

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