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Cookies and Scream - Islington, London

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130 Holloway Rd, Highbury East, London, N7 8JE
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I have to say this place was absolutely fantastic, I am not vegan by any standard but because vegans won't eat anything from an animal, when you struggle with eating dairy because of an intolerance these small vegan places become really useful in finding alternatives. Cookies and Scream is not only vegan but everything is also gluten free, now that suits me perfectly!

Vegan and gluten free stall in Camden Market, Cookies and Scream, London
Vegan and gluten free stall in Camden Market, Cookies and Scream, London
Having a friend who is vegan I have become to realise that a lot of vegan produce is also gluten free naturally, I'm not sure why but I'm not complaining. Cookies and Scream is no exception to this rule, they are predominantly vegan but all of there stuff also ends up naturally gluten free. It is a fantastic little bakery in Camden Market and have all kinds of biscuits and cakes on offer, it was somewhat of a novelty to walk up to this place and not have to ask a thousand questions about contamination because there was zero risk.

I did end up spending a little too much there, how could I not take advantage of this novelty. The chocolate chip cookies were to die for, if you didn't know they were 100% naturally dairy and gluten free you wouldn't have been able to guess, they tasted just like regular cookies. Their brownies have also won awards and were amazing, so soft and tasty.

Gluten free chocolate brownie at Cookies and Scream, Camden Market
Gluten free chocolate brownie at Cookies and Scream, Camden Market
Not many places offer dairy free shakes so I couldn't say no to a Salted Caramel Shake; vegan ice cream with a hot salted caramel sauce, it was delightful, my boyfriend who is by no means diary or gluten free also indulged in a vanilla shake from there, said it was a little thick but lovely none-the-less, he was going to have a Cookie Dough shake until I ordered the wrong one!

They do get busy, with in being in the market anyway it is bound to get busy, but it seems to do a very good trade and I'm definitely under the impression that they aren't all vegans who go there, it was quite busy when we went but they got down the people pretty quickly.

I'd have loved to have tried a bit of everything they had to offer, espeically a bit of Banoffee Pie or Peanut Butter Creme Pie or a Donut or a Scream Sandwich (chocolate chip cookies with vanilla frosting in the middle),or a piece of everything would suffice! It all looked really nice and just knowing I could go up to the counter and say "I'll have some of that and that" was a highlight. I did plan on going back and getting some more but just didn't have the time. When I am back in the area there is absolutely no doubt that I will be returning. And probably buying as much as I can carry back on the tube with me!

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