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Codfather, Northwich, Cheshire

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289 Manchester Road
01606 42342
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We recently got the pleasure of trying out another chip shop that does gluten free. The Codfather in Northwich sits on a busy street outside of the main town centre and we chose rush hour on a week day to go, not our best choice, it wasn't exactly easy to park.

However despite having trouble parking we found somewhere not too far away to leave the car and walked back down to the chip shop which wasn't yet open so we stood outside waiting for the doors.

It wasn't too long to wait as it was due to open any moment, through the window we had already spotted the gluten free menu on the board advertising that they did gluten free batter for their fish, chips and a few other products which I have forgotten.

We'd already double checked on Facebook that they used separate fryers and they told us they did, their website also stated that they are Coeliac UK approved. Even though we had double checked online we still checked again when we were in there asking if it was cooked separate and they assured it is was. Ordering a gluten free battered cod and chips we took a seat and waited for our order.

It didn't take long and we watched as they prepared with fresh utensils and then handed us our food, we were going to eat in but with the stream of people coming in and only a few seats we chose to eat in the car instead (it was pitch black so no point in finding anywhere else to eat it).

The batter was a lovely bright yellow/orange colour and had a great crisp to it, it tasted really nice too, definitely one of the better batters out there. The fish was lovely and flaky and the chips were perfect, nicely golden and fluffy inside and not soggy like some chips. Overall it was a really nice lot of fish and chips and the price of them was reasonable too (although I can't recall the exact price).

We'll definitely go back when we are in the area, and with it not being to far from home to travel too we'll probably end up here quite often!

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