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Cheshire Farm Ice Cream - Tattenhall, Cheshire

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Drumlan Hall Farm, Newton lane Tattenhall, Chester, Cheshire, CH3 9NE
07570 774491
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On a cold winters day, what better place to go than an Ice Cream Farm. I know, we're crazy, but the place we were heading didn't do anything I could eat, so driving round we decided to try the Ice Cream farm as it was close by and we hadn't been there in a while.

Mango and ginger dairy and gluten free sorbet, Cheshire Farm Ice Cream
Mango and ginger dairy and gluten free sorbet, Cheshire Farm Ice Cream
The last time we went they were doing it up and didn't have much of a cafe going on, however this time they had a large cafe sat in the corner along with the Ice Cream Parlour. The farm part was shut, which you have to pay to enter anyway, but luckily everything else was open and really busy despite the cold weather.

Looking at the menu there really wasn't many options, sandwiches, toasties or jacket spuds are basically all that is on offer, so I opted for a jacket potato and hoped the mayonnaise they used was gluten free as I walked to the till to order.

The lady was lovely on the till and told us they mayo was fine, but the beans weren't and then went and got her allergy book so I could double check, she also told us they would adapt what they could but since the menu was extremely limited jacket potatoes really were about all I could have. The food was fetched to us a few minutes later, mine fetched separately from my boyfriends and parents whose weren't gluten free.

Tuna mayonnaise jacket potato at Cheshire Ice Cream Farm, Chester, Cheshire
Tuna mayonnaise jacket potato at Cheshire Ice Cream Farm, Chester, Cheshire
The cafe may be limited but the Ice Cream Parlour itself has plenty of options for dessert. Some of the ice creams are gluten free but of course not dairy free, if like me, you're also dairy/lactose intolerant or can't tolerate ice cream, there is still a mountain of choices as they have lots of sorbets including passion fruit, mango and ginger, pink champagne, kiwi, strawberry and mandarin to name a few. They don't have gluten free cones but instead will serve in tubs, the server also made sure to wash her scoop out between each different ice cream/sorbet so she wouldn't contaminate mine.

Overall it is a nice little cafe, but does offer limited choice for Coeliacs, but you can always make up for that with ice cream or sorbet. The place itself in summer gets packed because of the farm and delicious Ice Cream but its worth a visit, just bare in mind you will be eating a jacket followed by a frozen delight!

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We are interested in knowing a little information about weither your gin and tonic,champagne and presecco sorbets contain alcohol,thank you

Mark Nicholson - 20th June 2017
Alison @ Coeliac Sanctuary replied to this comment on 21st June 2017

Hi Mark, we aren't affiliated with the ice cream farm, best contacting them directly to find out about their products.

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