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Bower's Coffee Shop

Bower's Coffee Shop, Doncaster, South Yorkshire

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13 Bowers Fold
South Yorkshire
01302 322277
It took a while to find this place, I had heard it did gluten free so very much wanted to find it, and with the help of Google Maps I managed to get there. Hidden in a back street, from the front it looks like a rundown greasy spoon cafe and it's no different inside.

If you looked at the menu on the table you wouldn't even know there was gluten free available, it was only as we were approaching the counter I noticed a sign pinned to the wall with the gluten free menu on it. There was a wide variety up for offer, omelettes, sausage and chips, breakfasts, quiche and beef stew being just a few of the options, for a backstreet cafe it was a very good variety of gluten free.

Ordering was at the counter, not waitress service, so we went to order, the lady behind the counter was rather rude, she barely said a word, even when I asked if the chips were done in a separate fryer she rolled her eyes and vaguely nodded, at that I already took a dislike to the place but I decided to order the sausage and chips regardless, even by this point I was a little unsure to whether it was actually going to be gluten free or not.

We didn't wait that long for the food, but when it came it did have a nice layer of grease with it, only to be expected in a greasy spoon I suppose. I was pleased to see that my sausages were different to my boyfriends, a much different colour so obviously gluten free sausages (or they had suddenly changed brand). And I will admit it was good, maybe a little too greasy for my liking but regardless the food was edible and cheap.

The verdict on the gluten free, despite the waitresses attitude in response to my questions, it was gluten free, I had no reaction to it at least implying that yes the fryer in separate, I would like to go back and try more of their stuff, maybe the food stuffs that aren't likely to come with a few tablespoons of oil under them, and would also like to try some of their gluten free cakes which they didn't appear to have any of when I was there. Overall, it is nice but there is nicer places out there, however for the price its worth checking out if you are around that area and really want some food.

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