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Atlantic Fish Bar

Atlantic Fish Bar, Skegness, Lincolnshire

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Beresford Ave
PE25 3JN
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We recently got the chance to visit Atlantic Fish Bar in Skegness. We last visited Skegness in May last year and we couldn't find any chip shops locally that offered Gluten Free, only to find out days after we got back home that this one did it all along, since finding that out we've been planning on visiting ever since, but it wasn't until a year later we finally got back to Skegness.

Atlantic fish bar sits a couple of streets back from the sea front, pretty much down a side street but only just off the main shopping streets. It is very easy to get too and is great for getting fish and chips and walking the short walk back down to the beach to eat them.

The day we went it was fairly quiet as it was mid week and late in the afternoon, but I'd imagine at weekends it gets very busy. We decided to eat in rather than take out as the weather was a bit wet, so headed straight for the restaurant side of the chip shop.

As we walked in we were greeted by a lovely lady who was very chatty and happily answered any questions we had. We asked for a gluten free menu to be told "at the moment we don't have a menu as such..." and she reeled off what I could have, fish, sausage, chips, they could do the fish cakes gluten free if I wanted too and they were all cooked in their own dedicated fryers.

As we were chatting about what they did she proclaimed that from this week (Final week of May 2017) there was a full gluten free menu coming into play, I was literally just a few days short of it being introduced. She said they have so many Coeliacs visiting them that they decided to expand the range. She went on the hunt to find the copy of the new menu to show me, finally digging it out she showed me the menu that would soon be on offer. A variety of fish options, sausages, fish cakes, gravy, mushy peas. A very nice variety considering many chip shops can only offer fish and chips.

I ordered fish and chips and the lady asked what size I wanted, I said a regular was fine in which she said that the meal deal they offer with 'normal' fish and chips would be best to order as it worked out cheaper, that meal contained fish, chips, mushy peas, bread and a drink. Obviously I couldn't have the bread so she asked my partner if he wanted it instead. Also not being a fan of mushy peas I asked if the beans were gluten free, she double checked for me and they were so she switched the mushy peas for beans instead. It was nice of her to do it on a meal deal, often gluten free is excluded from these offers.

Everything is freshly cooked so we waited for our food to come out, it didn't take too long and everything was piping hot too and it was a really generous serving too. The batter on the fish was really nice and the meal itself was fabulous, really good fish and chips.

We were full when we finished but the sign behind my fiance was shouting out to me, "gluten free chocolate cake and New York cheesecake". I am a sucker for sweet food, so despite being stuffed I decided I had room for some cheesecake.

Ordering with the same lady again it didn't take her long to serve our desserts, the cheesecake was quite nice, the base was a little soggy but otherwise it was a perfectly acceptable dessert and it was nice to actually have a choice of dessert in a chip shop. A rare occurrence.

Bellies hanging over our trousers we went to the till and paid and stunningly it was less than £20 for 2 main meals, 2 drinks and 2 desserts, very reasonable indeed, we have paid over £20 in a chip shop restaurant for just the meals before. As we said to the lovely lady who I believe (But I could be wrong) was the owner as we left, we will be back, the food was amazing, there was a lot of choice, they were very knowledgeable, what more could we ask for? They truly are a perfect example of an eatery that know how to cater to Coeliacs.

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visited twice last week (week of 25 june 2018) and they now serve gf scampi and pies due to regulars requesting them. big portions and excellent food and service
30th June 2018