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The Elephant - Crewe, Cheshire

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289 Newcastle Rd, Shavington, Crewe, Cheshire, CW2 5DZ
01270 666180
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First time I've eaten out since being gluten free and was unsure where to go for a birthday meal, after searching around my parents discovered one of the pubs we ate in fairly frequently has a gluten free menu, so decided we should go there as usual.

Their menu is given online as a separate menu to the standard one, but on closer inspection about a third of the normal menu is on there, basically anything which has sausages, gravy or pasta is excluded off along with some other items, but burgers, steaks and grills (minus mixed grill) and popular favourites such as tikka masala and chicken sizzler still reside on there (if I remember right as standard the sizzler comes with a tortilla wrap, however on gluten free it's with rice).

Most places I've looked into cut burgers off the menu because of their bread buns, The Elephant however offer burgers on gluten free bread, same with the soup, which in my opinion is an excellent idea, surely making this simple bread exchange is better than, in essence, penalising gluten free customers by taking burgers and soup off the menu?

Once I entered the pub, they had no quibble offering me the gluten free menu when I asked, I ordered steak, chips, peas and mushrooms and the server wrote on here notepad that it was GF as the chips were to be cooked in a separate fryer.

Admittedly we did wait a good 45 minutes for a food despite the place being nearly empty, but I can't fault the food, it was hot and fresh, that went for mine and the other 3 normal meals that were ordered, the guy who returned with our food, a different person to who took or order, knew that mine was gluten free, so obviously didn't have any communication failure!

I only had one problem, being lactose intolerant as well as coeliac, the only dessert options available on the gluten free menu involved lactose, there was only 4 options, none of which I could tolerate, so that may be something for them to look at in future, even if they only offer a gluten free cake. I will admit though, my mum did ring ahead and they did say I could take my own soya dessert in if I wanted too, so may be a good idea to ring ahead and check if you can take a dessert if you too are lactose intolerant

Overall, despite the wait, it was worth the effort, and no doubt I will be back to try some of the other options they have available.

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