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Henni's Sweet Treats

Henni's Sweet Treats, Weymouth, Dorset

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Bond Street
01305 319930
I think finding decent gluten free cake is a must for a Coeliac, you always begin to crave the things you don't want, I used to crave chocolate 24/7, now I just crave cake, biscuits and proper bread! So when I was researching for Weymouth I came across this place which I initially thought was just a lady who did specialised cakes from her house, but I was very pleased to find out the gluten free cakes she specialised in were not just for special occasions and she also had a little trailer on Bond Street in Weymouth where she sold he gluten free cakes.

When I found out it was a trailer I was expecting it to be hard to find, but no, it was there right in the busy street and doing very well. I did get a little over excited when I saw it I will admit and raced to it, even the guy in the trailer was laughing as a longingly mused over Dorset Apple Cake, Lemon Drizzle Cake, Coconut Cake, Ginger and Fruit Cake, all gluten free.

The trailer does sell some normal cakes too and also some sugar free and dairy free. Gluten free cake was reasonably priced at £1.80 a slice, and I did have more than my fair share, carting a nice bag full (at least a few slices of each) back to the place we were staying. .

The downside of the trailer is they don't offer any form of seating or cafe type place, I do think this would a bonus, but since it is in the middle of Weymouth near to the coast, it's easy enough to find somewhere to enjoy it! .

I didn't get a chance to try the cake until later in the day, and I did scoff two slices in one go I was so desperate to try it. The Dorset apple cake simply melted in the mouth, even my mum preferred the gluten free version to the proper Dorset apple cake! The lemon drizzle was simply delightful. All the cake was so moist and tasty, unlike some gluten free cakes. Must say though, the ginger was my favourite, I've always loved ginger cake and this one was perfect, some ginger cakes are very strong tasting but this one had just the right amount of ginger, and like the others, didn't even taste like gluten free cake.

As mentioned before, Henni does specialise in gluten free occasion cakes, a book on the trailer advertised that side of her work and admittedly some of it did look incredible and if I lived down there and needed a special occasion cake I wouldn't hesitate to contact her, she can make a perfect gluten free cake and do it make it look fantastic, multi talented in my opinion!

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