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Finleys Ice Cream Parlor

Finleys Ice Cream Parlor, West Lulworth, Dorset

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Finleys Cafe
Main Rd
West Lulworth
BH20 5RQ
01929 400711
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Being both lactose and gluten intolerant, finding ice cream which I can cope with it a hard enough challenge in itself, being able to eat it in a cone is an even bigger challenge.

I've been known to have whippy ice cream in a tub before to avoid the waffle cone even though it makes me feel ill for a while after, but even that got so bad that I had trouble coping with the nausea, so I just stopped eating it.

When my family wanted ice cream, I didn't know what to do, risk an ice cream in a tub or not have any. Looking down the ice cream board, at the bottom of the board I noticed a little asterisk (*) meant "contains gluten", looking back up the board only three of the ice creams had the asterisk by it (Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Cookies and Cream and Raspberry Ripple Pavlova), always good for the gluten intolerant, but not the lactose. Then I noticed a nice sign saying the sorbet was dairy free (yes, I am an unfortunate one that found some sorbets have a touch of cream in them) with no asterisk by it, so gluten free too! The board only stated they did lemon, mango, raspberry and blackberry, but the server also said they had orange and champagne flavour so a nice variety to go at.

I was all set to have a little something in a tub as there was nothing saying they did gluten free cones, but when we got to the counter and I was still debating with my mum about what I could and couldn't have (I was considering whether having ice cream would be worth the nausea after as I was eyeing up the mint choc chip ice cream) the waitress overheard and said "we do gluten and dairy free cones if it's just the gluten your concerned about". Did she just say gluten free cones! Yes she did! She then followed up by saying "Most of the ice cream is gluten free too, if you don't want sorbet, we're only aware of the three including gluten but if you're unsure of any just let me know and I'll read the ingredients off the boxes".

I must say there is nothing better than helpful staff, if the staff are willing to do something like read the ingredients out even when it's marked already as gluten free, I feel like they are doing their job right, just in the manner than if you are unsure they are willing to double check everything, just to be safe, put the customer at ease.

I explained about being lactose and gluten intolerant, and decided on mango sorbet in a gluten free cone, I then watched her get a separate clean scoop to get my sorbet. It might not quite be ice cream but being able to eat some form of frozen dessert with everyone else (and in a cone) makes me feel happier. And it was gorgeous sorbet too. So much so a few days later I went back and had the raspberry sorbet and that one was just as nice. I can definitely say I will be returning whenever I am near.

The ice cream parlor is attached to a cafe and a chip shop, unfortunately the staff in the chip shop have trouble making standard fish and chips never mind adding gluten free to the mix, therefore I can definitely say there's no gluten free available there. The cafe was closed every time I went past so I don't know if they do anything gluten free, though i reckon the ice cream possibly is if they serve it as pudding!If you can't get down to Dorset and want to make your own at home, if you can get it from anywhere the ice cream/sorbet is made by Marshfield Farm (a lot of places in the South West sell it and a few other places over the country), and I am fairly confident that the cones were Barkat gluten free waffle cones which are available in Sainsburys.

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