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This review was written when The Oxford Place was called 2 Oxford Place and had different owners. It does remain entirely gluten free but has a new name and owners.

I had been told about this 100% gluten free restaurant a few times, so while I was in Leeds for a concert it was the perfect opportunity to try it out.

With the help of Google Maps, it was easy enough to find, right opposite the town hall, the restaurant itself looks very vintage on the inside, perfect setting for an afternoon tea, something which 2 Oxford Place does offer but you have to give 24 hours notice, on this occasion we weren't booked in so happily stuck with their regular menu.

100% gluten free menu at 2 Oxford Place, Leeds
100% gluten free menu at 2 Oxford Place, Leeds
The young chap who greeted us was very friendly, and the one advantage of knowing it was all gluten free was I didn't have to quiz about anything, for anyone who has had to do this for years I can guarantee walking into this place, choosing your food and not having to question anything will be a novelty, it was something of a novelty to me and I've only been doing it for 5 months!

Anyway, the young guy seated us and gave us menus, the choice was pretty impressive from sandwiches and soups to full meals, brunches and a fabulous collection of desserts and cakes. I didn't ask for it, but they also have a dairy free menu, looking at the online version there is a fair variety they can also do dairy free for you or even vegan if you need it. The menu is also split into lunch (11am to 6pm) and dinner (from 6pm),this time we were on the lunch menu and it took me a fair amount of time to actually decide what I wanted, the choice was so varied and included many items I have become accustomed to not being able to have unless I make it myself.
Gluten free fish cake and chips at 2 Oxford Place, Leeds
Gluten free fish cake and chips at 2 Oxford Place, Leeds

After a good 10 minutes of deliberation I decided on their fishcake and chips and my boyfriend stuck to fried egg on toast (the menu states you can have your eggs however you want),he was a bit dubious as he isn't gluten free and obviously his toast was going to be on gluten free bread, therefore no doubt he was expecting to get a slice of cardboard topped with eggs.

Everything was cooked fresh, however we didn't have too long to wait for a food to arrive, when the food arrived it looked so good, the presentation was brilliant, for the price of the food the presentation actually resembled that of a higher class restaurant, or at least somewhere I'd expect to pay much more and wouldn't be allowed to wear jeans into!

The food didn't only look good but as soon as it was set in front of me it smelt divine, tucking into my breadcrumbed (yes CRUMBED) fishcake I could have easily eaten another one, it was absolutely delicious. It was served with extremely tasty chips (which I paid extra for),a side salad and homemade tartar sauce, the entire dish was beautiful in every way possible and made me want more, the chips were so light and fluffy on the inside yet crispy on the outside and knowing everything was gluten free despite not looking it, made the dish perfect.

As I said before my boyfriend was dubious, but even he enjoyed his egg on toast, he did whine about having only 1 slice of toast, but he still enjoyed it none-the-less, and I presume didn't taste like cardboard either.
Gluten free chocolate and almond cake at 2 Oxford Place, Leeds
Gluten free chocolate and almond cake at 2 Oxford Place, Leeds

The waiter came and collected our plates and asked if we could be talked into having dessert, well there was no doubt there; I wasn't leaving that place until I'd had cake (I crave cake most of the time). The menu gives a variety of desserts including rice pudding (which is also on the dairy free menu),pavlova, cake of the day and scones. On this particular day the cake of the day was chocolate and almond (and i think I also saw vanilla and blueberry cupcakes),so I decided to have a piece of that, and for an extra £1 you can have it with cream, custard or ice cream. When I know there is dairy free ice cream (courtesy of the dairy free menu) on offer who am turn it down (I can't tolerate normal ice cream).

The cakes were all on a stand by the door and looked gorgeous, I'd seen a few people getting served the chocolate and almond and was surprised they hadn't run out before I could sample it, like the chocolate scones did (my boyfriend was going to try one but they had sadly sold out so had to have the same as me). My cake was served on a plate with a little bowl of ice cream with it, the cake was divine, so soft and moist unlike some gluten free cakes, it was very tasty indeed, people were actually having slices to take away too and if I wasn't going to a concert afterward I would probably have taken a couple of slices home too.

Overall the entire experience here was perfect, no cross contamination issues, the staff were approachable and knowledgeable and what's more they had more than enough choice on offer to suit any Coeliac. I will definitely be returning soon, but whether it will be an afternoon tea which I am desperate to try or there evening menu I'll try out next is anyone's guess, but whichever I will definitely be returning, and soon I hope!

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