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Carrot Cake Mix

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Carrot Cake Mix

Made by Wow Cake Company

Cost: £3.75, maybe a tad more expensive than some mixes but unlike some it's worth every penny
4 Stars

Availability: Only available on their website as far as I know
4 Stars

Taste: Absolutely delicious
5 Stars

Appearance: Both attractive packaging and the finished product is fab too.
5 Stars

Our Overall Rating
4.5 Stars

A closer look....

I love a good carrot cake but there aren't many packet mixes out there, there are some, some are OK but there are a few that are really dry and that's totally off the mark with a carrot cake, it should be moist. There is a reason carrot cake has more calories than a chocolate cake!

I'm always on the look out for a good mix and when I finally got to try Wow Cake Company's packet mix at the Allergy Show in Liverpool I was immediately impressed, however when my Mum tried and and was even more impressed you know you're on the mark, my Mum's carrot cake standard is set rather high to say the least.

Since the sample was a hit with us we had to buy a packet mix to make ourselves, looking online the packs are £3.75, not the cheapest admittedly but personally I think when it comes to mixes the taste and structure is much more important than the price, if it's a good mix, I certainly don't mind paying that little bit more.

I finally got round to making the mix this week, the instructions are clear and easy to follow, clear instructions are always a bonus, it's amazing how often companies can't get this right. The mix is super easy to make, chuck in some butter, mix it, add eggs and grated carrot and boom, carrot cake mix complete. The last carrot cake I made had so many ingredients to add, I basically bought a pack of flour blend on that occasion I think, not quite the point of a packet mix.

So once the mix was made the packet stated it would make two 8" inch cakes or 18 cupcakes, I decided on cupcakes, I set out 12 in the pan and had 4 in another, added about a tablespoon to each...and could have easily made another 6. I will admit the cases were a tad smaller than normal but I think you might get 22 or 24 out of the mix. Not that I am complaining.

The cakes needed to be cooked on a low heat for a longer time, I have never done a cake that way before, even carrot but I followed what it said. They did come out flat BUT that is because of my oven, I used my small top oven and there is no doubt in my mind that they came out flat because of that oven, if you do it in a normal oven they will rise perfectly. Despite the flatness, I can't deny the taste was perfect, they were deliciously soft and moist (I apologise to those who don't like the word moist, but there is no other way to describe them), like a perfect carrot cake. The spiced flavour is spot on too, I honestly can't describe the taste as anything less than perfect when it comes to carrot cake.

I didn't decorate mine but a delicious cream cheese frosting would go well, even throw in a few raisins or nuts like some carrot cakes have for that extra depth, personally I don't think you need them but if you want to add a bit more you could.

I haven't made the brownies and sponge cake mix, I hope they are just as good as the carrot cake! I will be making both soon and stocking up on more carrot cake mix!
Carrot Cake Mix
Carrot Cake Mix
Carrot Cake Mix
Carrot Cake Mix

This review was published on 15th November 2017

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