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Cookie Dough Simply Butter

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Cookie Dough Simply Butter

Made by Whole Creations

Cost: Very expensive at £3.49 a pack
2.5 Stars

Availability: Only in Morrisons
3 Stars

Taste: Ok, wouldn't say they were the best but still tasty
4 Stars

Appearance: Certainly cook well so they look great when made!
5 Stars

Our Overall Rating
3.5 Stars

A closer look....

It is so hard to get gluten free cookie dough, but finally we have one available in Morrisons, made by Whole Creations. It isn't a cookie dough you can eat raw like some, it is only suitable to make cookies from.

There are two different ones available, simply butter and a choc chip one, I have only tried the simply butter one because they are so expensive, at £3.49 a pop they are one for special occasions.

The cookie dough is in the fridge and is only free of gluten, it still contains egg, milk and soya so not suitable if you can't have any of those.

The packet isn't very big, it does only make 12 small or 6 large cookies, which makes it even less value for money. Once opened the dough is very firm and wrapped in cling film inside greaseproof paper. It is so firm it has to be sliced and does feel a bit grainy when you cut into it.

The bonus with cookie dough is you don't have to do anything, just shove it in the oven, no need to add anything to it unlike packet mixes. The dough is just a case of slice and place on a baking tray.

I did find the instructions for how far apart to place them a little vague, I find most mixes etc say an inch or so but this one just states to place them apart so you need good judgement of how far apart to place them for when they spread. They do need a fair distance but not too bad, they spread but not a whole lot.

They don't take all that long to cook, just 10 mins or so. Once done they go a bit like shortbread, personally I found them a bit greasy but they are butter cookies so I guess that is to be expected. They are nice cookies in general but like most gluten free cookies a bit grainy.

As a cookie I would eat them again, but the price does put me off, unless it was a special occasion I wouldn't buy them at that price again, cheaper to buy a box of biscuits or make your own.
Cookie Dough Simply Butter
Cookie Dough Simply Butter
Cookie Dough Simply Butter
Cookie Dough Simply Butter

This review was published on 2nd March 2018

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