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Mince Pies

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Mince Pies

Made by Feel Free

Cost: At £2.69 for 4 they aren't the worst priced we have seen around!
4.5 Stars

Availability: Only available on the feel free website, they are pretty fast at sending out their orders too (but we don't think you'd get them in time for Christmas...but who says mince pies are only for Xmas!)
3.5 Stars

Taste: I think they are pretty good, and I am not a big mince pie eater!
4 Stars

Appearance: Attractive packaging, individually wrapped inside with cute little star tops, we think they look great.
5 Stars

Our Overall Rating
4 Stars

A closer look....

I wasn't planning on having mince pies this year, if I'm honest I'm not their biggest fan and when I do have them I tend to make my own, however I got an unexpected Christmas pressie from the guys over at Feel Free, so thought it only right that I tell everyone my verdict on them.

First things first, they are not easy to get unless you get them off Feel Free themselves, although we did find their fab Christmas Puds in Holland and Barrett so you might get them in there, especially at this time of year, otherwise it's pretty quick and straight forward ordering them off Feel Free themselves.

Despite not being a fan of mince pies I wouldn't turn my nose up at a free one so, as soon as I saw the box I had to dig in. The box contained 4 individually wrapped, decent sized pies. I particularly liked that they were separately wrapped, if you wanted you could serve them with regular ones and let guests pick which to have without having to risk cross contamination.

The one thing I did find with them was that the pastry was quite hard, after tapping it I did wonder whether I was going to break my teeth when biting into it however on the first bite the pastry wasn't as hard as it first appeared. It also had a really nice flavour to it and didn't fall apart like a lot of pastry tends too.

There was a nice amount of mince meat in the middle too, it wasn't overflowing but it also wasn't a measly amount like in some pies. That too had a nice taste and when combined with the pastry it was like eating a classic, gluten filled pie.

These mince pies are definitely worth a try, I think some people may find the pastry too hard for their liking as it really isn't the soft buttery kind you get on a lot of mince pies but they do taste really good and if you like a slightly harder pastry you will definitely like these.
Mince Pies
Mince Pies
Mince Pies

This review was published on 21st December 2015

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