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Birthday Cake Kit

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Birthday Cake Kit

Made by Delicious Alchemy

Cost: £5 for the kit, which we think is a steal considering a cake mix on its own can be 3 or 4!
5 Stars

Availability: Exclusive to Tesco and even then it seems to be in limited stores.
3.5 Stars

Taste: Delicious, what more can we say.
5 Stars

Appearance: Comes in a lovely box, and when you make it it looks just as good!
5 Stars

Our Overall Rating
4.5 Stars

A closer look....

We love Delicious Alchemy kits, they are always so easy to make and always taste good, this kit is no exception and it is something we have not seen before, not even in gluten filled kits.

This kit contains a packet of chocolate cake mix, a pack of chocolate icing, some white writing icing and coloured sprinkle decorations, it is literally a complete celebration cake you can make yourself, it is gluten and dairy free and if you use egg replacer instead of egg it can also be egg free.

It's not always easy to buy a celebration cake that is free from, though it has got easier but if you need egg free it is impossible to get one, this kit is amazing for that because you can make it without egg, instructions are provided for egg replacer. So if you are one that can't have egg this may be the mix for you.

The kit is easy to make up, the instructions are nice and clear and super easy to follow. It is pretty much whack it all in a bowl and bake, even the most novice of baker could make it or get the kids involved. The icing is basically the same and is lovely and chocolatey.

There is nothing worse than having a dry cake, so many packet mixes turn out dry, but this doesn't, it is so moist and soft and for us it stayed soft even after a few days, it was very indulgent too!

The kit comes with some added icing so you can add writing, we didn't do the cake the conventional way, we did it as a bundt cake so we just drizzled the icing over the top, but it would be a great way just to add a personal message or a simple "happy birthday". The kit also includes lovely coloured confetti to give it that celebration colour, we didn't use these due to other allergies (we crumbled extra chocolate over the top!) but the confetti sprinkles were lovely and bright and you could do all sorts with them, scatter them over, create a pretty pattern etc.

Overall the kit is great for the price at £5 it is probably cheaper than a premade gluten free birthday cake with the added bonus is can be egg free as well as gluten and dairy free. It's great fun to make, and most of all it is tasty and moist. There is also countless ways you could make it, as the box suggests, a basic cake, a bundt cake like we did, cupcakes, the possibilities are endless.
Birthday Cake Kit
Birthday Cake Kit
Birthday Cake Kit
Birthday Cake Kit

This review was published on 16th October 2017

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