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Gluten Challenge

Gluten Challenge Advisory Guidelines

If you have been on a gluten free diet and you or your doctor decide you should be tested for Coeliac you will need to take part in something which has been dubbed as a "gluten challenge" before being tested as there will not be enough gluten/damage to the villi in the intestines to show a positive result even if you are the most sensitive Coeliac.

There isn't really any official guidelines on HOW much you should eat if you have to undertake a gluten challenge, but it seems that a lot of people don't eat enough for them to get a positive Coeliac biopsy. This is only a rough guideline of how much you should eat each day for the 6-8 weeks before the biopsy, you are always free to eat more of course, remember to aim for a substantial amount, any other time zero gluten is the objective but not for this!

Aim to eat 10g or more per day, this averages at at least 4 portions of the samples below

Remember the examples below are only guides to how much gluten is in them and not necessarily 100% correct and are not the only things you can eat, anything derived from wheat, barley or rye will contain gluten.

Food Type Serving (each serving providing 2-3g of gluten)
Biscuits 3 medium sized biscuits (digestives, cookies etc), 4 small biscuits (custard creams, bourbons etc)
Bread One medium slice, two small slices or one bread roll
Cakes One slice, one cupcake or an average size sponge pudding
Cereal One weetabix, one shredded wheat, one bowl of sugar puffs
Flour 30g of any wheat based flour
Pasta 60g pasta either fresh, dried or canned

Remember, while you can, make sure you go and splurge on all those gluten filled things you can't usually have, fish and chips, dumplings, the most calorific cakes you can find. The only time you can say "I need to eat if for my health".
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