Tesco Strawberry Gateau | Product Review

Tesco Strawberry Gateau | Product Review

Tesco have released a lovely new frozen dessert, a beautiful gluten and wheat free strawberry gateau, perfect for a special occasion or as a treat!
Cost 3/5
At £3 it is fairly pricey considering they have regular strawberry gateau at just 5g heavier but only £1.75.

Availability 3.5/5
Bigger Tesco stores only seem to hold it, hopefully it will roll out to more.

Taste 5/5
Delicious... as long as you like cream.

Appearance 5/5
Great for a dinner party or an everyday meal.

Our Overall Rating 4/5

A Closer Look...

Our Tesco is always slow at getting new stuff in despite it being a big store, but finally we got the frozen strawberry gateau in. Was it worth the wait? Yes and no.

Firstly one gateau costs £3, when the regular counterpart which weighs just 5g more costs £1.75, so it is a little on the steep side at almost double the price of a full gluten gateau. It is also not an easy item to get hold of in the first place, Tesco do somewhat lack when it comes to advertising new gluten free products, unless you avidly look in Coeliac groups on Facebook you probably wouldn't even know this existed, it's not been advertised anywhere.

OK, so that's the downsides out of the way, how about the product itself? Well since I'm suppose to be on a diet I am very glad it is frozen so I can indulge occasionally without wasting the whole cake. The box states it takes 3 hours for the entire thing to defrost but I cut it while it was still frozen (my one slice took about 20 minutes),cut into 8 you get a fair size portion (though the box does say 1/5th is a serving).

Cut frozen, apart from the strawberry sauce it was easy to cut, when it's defrosted I think it might be one that could easily collapse unless you're careful.

From first glance it is obvious there is a lot of cream involved, it is everywhere, honestly it should be called a cream gateau with strawberry. The cream is all round the outside and most of the top, and between two layers plus takes up 1/3 of the strawberry layer inside.

The cake layers are really a very nice cake, it is quite a hard cake but that's generally how gateau sponge is, it does have a good flavour though and the strawberries and cream help keep it moist.

As for the strawberry there isn't really a lot of it, a bit of sauce on the top and 2/3 of a layer inside topped with a couple of whole strawberries, there really could be a slight bit more I think, considering just how much of the gateau is taken up with the cream which obviously costs less than strawberries, given the sale price though I think they can squeeze a few more berries in.

Overall it is a very nice product, would be good for a dinner party or a casual event, it is a gateau that can really work for any occasion. Our only real gripe is the cost, bring that down a little and it could be a real hit.

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