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Tesco 3d Gingerbread Star | Product Review

Something a bit different for Christmas and fun to make with this kids, this gluten free gingerbread star from Tesco will look amazing as a centre piece.

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Added 8th December 2017

Updated 10th November 2020

Tesco 3d Gingerbread Star | Product Review
Cost 4/5
£4 for the kit, comes with the gingerbread mix, icing and decs, not the worst price but some of the normal gingerbread houses which are bigger are only £5 so compared to those it might be a little pricey.

Availability 4/5
In most Tesco stores and online, not in the smaller stores though

Taste 4.5/5
The gingerbread really packs a punch!

Appearance 5/5
As long as you can decorate the appearance is great.

Our Overall Rating 4.5/5

A Closer Look...

I love some gingerbread but can never be bothered making houses, well the times I have attempted have been disasters so I just don't bother anymore! However Tesco Free From 3D Gingerbread Star Kit was something a little different I have been thinking about making it for a while but kept deciding against it but this week while shopping I thought "why not" and bought one to make.

The instructions on the back of the box are easy enough to follow, and you know whats great about it, it's not only gluten free but dairy free (it even tells you to use dairy free spread in it, but of course you could use normal). It is even egg free and I know a lot of you moan about these things always containing egg so this is one you can have!

First thing first is to fold the box out and get your template printed on the inside, it says on the instructions to trace over with greaseproof and use that as your template, but me being me didn't read that bit and cut the star out. No worries though, it worked just as well, it was just as well the print was on the back of the front not behind the instruction!

I did have issues finding a baking tray big enough to put it on, it is quite wide and on my tray it was touching the curved edges, so I was concerned if it spread them it would have curved points (thankfully it didn't expand though), be aware that you do need two decent sized trays though, I had to faff with one tray the star only just fit on and it wasn't easy!

Once you've got your star and tray sorted the mix is pretty easy to make up, just add golden syrup and margarine/dairy free spread and mix. Well I did find I had issues with this, I made sure to add the right amount of ingredients but with the amounts given it just wouldn't form a dough and I had to add a little more but it wasn't easy to judge how much I needed. With the measurements I ended up with ginger breadcrumbs that wouldn't stay together.

I eventually got it all sticking together but the dough was very stiff, I didn't want to over do it though so left it was it was and rolled between two pieces of clingfilm as it stated to about 5mm and then cut a star using the template. The gingerbread seemed firm enough and was definitely like a proper gingerbread, so being as careful as I could I put it on the baking tray and whacked it in the oven for 14 minutes (instructions said 12-15) by which time it looked nicely done.

The instructions said to let the stars cool on the tray before moving so I cooled for as long as I could but needed the tray to do the other star so it was a tiny bit warm when moved but it held it's shape will and was pretty sturdy.

Once I'd done the second star I left it to cool completely, both were fairly stiff yet slightly flexible at the same time. Almost perfect gingerbread really, good structure with a bit of flexibility.

The icing sugar simply needed water adding to it, mixing and returning to the packet which could have the tip cut off to be used as a piping bag, so much easier than faffing with proper piping bags, reusable rubbish you can just throw out after, saves on cleaning up!

You can decorate your star however you like but I just tried to copy the box. The little silver stars are lovely too, just dotted all over the big star, secured on with the icing.

Once allowed to dry I slotted it all together and it looked great, however it stayed up for about 5 minutes before collapsing, the gingerbread must have been slightly too weak, there were no visible cracks when I put it together but it must have been weak somewhere otherwise there is no reason for it collapsing. As long as it's made to the instructions and strong enough it should stand up find and it would look great as a table centre piece on Christmas day.

Overall I'd make it again but try and get some extra stability in it somewhere, the gingerbread tastes good even though the ginger is very strong, it's allergen free too which is an added bonus.

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