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Sweetpea Pantry Super Duper Brownie Mix | Product Review

Sweetpea Pantry's brownie is a little different from other gluten free brownies it contains a variety of different grains and is very, very delicious.

Added 16th August 2017
Updated 10th November 2020

Sweetpea Pantry Super Duper Brownie Mix | Product Review
Cost 4.5/5
Around £2.75 not the worst priced packet mix we've seen

Availability 4/5
Available from Sweetpea Pantry online and from Ocado

Taste 5/5
Deliciously chocolatey!

Appearance 5/5
Amazing, the packet is bright and inviting and the product looks fab when made, mouthwatering!

Our Overall Rating 4.5/5

A Closer Look...

Sweetpea Pantry make a variety of packet mixes with 3 of them being gluten free. We love a good brownie and their packet mix is slightly different to others, their mix is made from teff and flaxseed which gives its that extra dimension of taste when you bite into it.

They are also a little different because the mix is made from nothing artificial with no added sugar. A lot of packet mixes are packed with sugar and additives but this one is set apart from the rest by being made from natural ingredients. Plus it is high in fibre too!

The mix was super simple to make too, just add some eggs, honey or golden syrup and some margarine (or dairy free alternative), mix and whack in the oven. The smell was delicious as it was baking however don't remove from the tin straight after cooking, it will fall apart, as my over eager self found out!

Still warm it was lovely and moist, I did cook it longer for a more cakey consistency which I got round the edges but the middle was lovely soft, almost runny, it would have been amazing with some custard. I prefer it more cakey than really sticky so stuck more with the edges and honestly thought it tasted really good.

The texture of the flaxseed really came through in the cakiness with a slight, almost gritty texture, certainly wasn't an unpleasant grittiness though, it added a different dimension to the flavour and texture which you wouldn't get with any other packet mix.

Overall I really enjoyed this brownie, it is a mix I would certainly use again, brownie is a common sweet product when it comes to gluten free but this one was different from all others I have had, just that slight change in texture and flavour makes all the difference, it can easily make something that's usually boring, more interesting.

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